Tempest Rising and some new features!

Hello all!

The third adventure deck of the Skull and Shackles adventure path has been added, and there are some really fun (and really annoying to code) scenarios in this one! Find tons of plunder in The Brine Banshee’s Grave, or earn your place as a true pirate captain by winning The Free Captains’ Regatta!

We’ve also added a few new features to the game, chief among which is the handling of scenario loot when you win a scenario. From now on, when the scenario rewards include Loot cards, these cards will be automatically dropped onto the table after the scenario (provided you fulfilled the win conditions of the scenario, of course!)

Finally, we’ve added several of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Organized Play scenarios to the game, and though you cannot use these in actual Organized Play (online play is NOT sanctioned at this time), they’re still very fun scenarios with a host of special scenario rules, and I highly recommend you check them out! To get access to the scenario text for these, you’ll need to buy a PDF of the scenarios from Here are some handy links: Adventure Card Guild Adventure 1: Lost at Sea, Adventure Card Guild Adventure 2: A Pirate’s Life

Let us know if you find any bugs by posting here, and enjoy the new adventures awaiting your crew!


Howl of blackmane is available on OCTGN !

Hey boyz, long time no see.

I just updated the plugin to include the new warpack “Howl of blackmane”, with the terrifying Ragnar !

Like always, changelog and censored cards can be found here

Have fun in the Traxis sector boyz !


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on OCTGN

This site is the home of the Pathfinder ACG implementation on OCTGN. You will need to own the original game and either have your cards to hand or scan them in to play online.

Enter a world of adventure with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, a cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. Each player has a unique character composed of a deck of cards and a set of stats.

Here you will find installation instructions, a user guide and a scanning guide.
The current release supports both Rise of the Runelords and Skulls and Shackles.


OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.4.0 Release

This version dramatically improves the speed of importing cards, so it should only take a second or two now even for large EDH decks.  I also made a couple of tweaks to how it matches text, and added support for more websites.

v3.4.0 Changes

  • Speed of importing has been greatly improved
    • (100 cards MTG used to take 30 seconds, now less than 1 second)
  • Lines of text that match a card name, but do not have a quantity, now assume a quantity of 1
  • Importing cards with a name starting with ‘Æ’ or ‘æ’ works properly now
  • Importing “personal” decks from now works in addition to public decks.
  • Importing MTG decks from added
  • Importing MTG decks from added
  • Importing MTG decks from added
  • Importing Mage-Wars decks from forum posts added
  • Importing the Mage-Wars SpellBookBuilder text format added
  • Importing Mage-Wars decks auto-adds a corresponding “Mage Stats” card

Warhammer 40k Conquest on OCTGN

Warhammer 40k Conquest is a 2 players Living Card Game based on the Warhammer 40000 Game Workshop universe and edited by Fantasy Flight Games.

Each players control a powerful warrior leading his armies into interplanetary warfare and must fight to gain the control of the Traxis Sector.

On this site you’ll find all you need to play Conquest online with OCTGN.

Feel free to check the drive for rules and card packs.

Feel free to check the header above for more information, and the latest news and updates below.

Quick Installation Guide:
Click [Add Game Feed] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN. Name the feed and provide this URL :
Select the newly added feed, find the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG plugin from the list, and click ‘Install’
Then you can install image packs within the game manager with the button [Add Image Packs]. All image packs are on my drive (link above)


Warhammer 40k Conquest is up on OCTGN !

Hey guys, the plugin is finally online !

Some changes had to be made to the GUIDs so you may have to remake your deck.

Sorry boys, that’s the price to pay to the Chaos God !


The Root Google drive for Image Pack and Documentation is here

Quick Guide:

  • Click [Add Game Feed] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN. Name the feed and provide the url listed above.
  • Select the newly added feed, find the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG plugin from the list, and click ‘Install’


More Documentation Soon


OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.3.0 Release

A couple of websites changed, so the code to scrape the decks from them were updated. When comparing cards after importing, the plugin no longer crashes if you compare cards more than once. As always, please submit issues or suggestions on the github website. Thanks GeckoTH and janbj for contributing.

v3.3.0 Changes

  • Importing MTG from works again
  • Importing LoTR from works again, more accurate with sets and names now
  • Special characters in the names of CoC cards are now ignored when matching
  • Opening the ‘Choose Another Card’ dialog more than once no longer crashes the plugin
Documentation News Uncategorized

Work is in progress

The game engine is currently in Beta testing…..

As things stand, Paizo have asked that no copyright material be distributed as part of this plug-in.
The game engine knows how to automate the scenario setup which saves a lot of tiresome card manipulation however all the proxy cards contain only the name of the card, its type and the set it comes from. All other card text is used under the Paizo community use policy and is based on information already in the public domain (i.e. the character sheets)

Obviously you can refer to your own cards to see the full rules text, or you can scan in your cards and add the images to OCTGN. If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.


OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.2.0 Release

This version adds better support for importing LoTR from  It now looks at the set name when trying to match, so it should no longer choose the wrong set.  Thanks to Memetix for pushing me to add this capability, and for helping to test it.

I’m now able to post updates on this website, so this will be the place where you will always see the latest updates for this plugin.

v3.2.0 Changes


Check out the Warhammer Invasion Podcast

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