Searching for Truth is now available on OCTGN

Almost done boyz, two more to go !

Let’s just hope these won’t be the last 🙁

in the meantime, let’s dissect some humies !

(and as always, image pack changelog and stuff here)


Unforgiven is now available on OCTGN

What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never be
Never see
Won’t see what might have been
What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven

So i updated a few hours ago but didn’t post anything here.
Now it’s done.
Cya Boyz !


Jungles of Nectavus is now available on OCTGN

Ok Boyz, sorry that it took me so much time, kinda busy these days…

So the new deep strike mechanic is here, simply double clic on cards you want to put into reserve (like you would to play them), and double click on card in reserve to deep strike them. See, easy as pie !

The next pack is almost ready, so it should be up the day it is officially released.

My drive with the censored image pack as always


Legions of Death is now available on OCTGN


Finally our favorite can-soldiers are here !

Only proxies for now, cause the images are still not released on cardgameDB, but it shouldn’t take too long i guess.

So with the necrons come the enslavement dial, and that’s pretty much the only thing new in term of mechanical change this time

Have fun, metal fans !

And happy holiday if nothing new comes out before !

Cya Boyz

Little update, fixed some typo and a problem of set number that screwed the necron dial images. Alos the image pack is now out 😉 (on my drive as usual)


The Final Gambit is now Available on OCTGN

Hey boyz !
I’m sorry it took me more time than i expected to release this pack, busy life busy life !

So the Planetfall Cycle is now complete, what did you think of it ?
I personaly enjoyed it a lot, and i think Conquest is one of the most balanced LCG FFG ever made at this moment.

But don’t worry, Necron will unbalanced everything 😉

Also i modified the “Replace Planet” function to “Switch/Replace” so that you can now use it for “Declare the Crusade” or “Warp Rift” !

And voilà, c’est tout pour aujourd’hui !

Cya Boyz


Wrath of the Crusaders is now Available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz, huge update today !
Okay maybe not for you, but it did took me 12h of work. Straight. Ok i did watch some stupid videos on the warp…
Anyway 3 things this patch :

1) The Black Templars are here to kick ass and eat Khorne Flakes, but we’re all out of Flakes.
2) “Declare the Crusade” is now playable, i did a little function that let you replace a planet with an other ! yeah o/ (Just right click on a planet, bottom of the menu, Replace Planet, couldn’t make it more obvious 😉 ). Btw thanks Kingsley for always being there to tell me what’s missing in the plugin, it helps a lot 🙂
3) The last i know some of you were waiting for, and a lot of you absolutely don’t care, but nonetheless it’s here : the Deck Check. Yep, now you will know when you load a deck if it’s valid or not. I might have forgotten some interaction, but i think it should cover the vast majority of error one can make when building too fast 😉

So that’s it Boyz, hope you still enjoy the game as much as i do, i wish you good luck in your future game and future regional tournament (yes yes it’s coming really fast !!!! #excited )

Cya on the field Boyz !

ps : Drive, image pack, you know the drill. (also The Great Devourer is out since more than 6 month, so it’s now officially uncensored ! )


What Lurks Below is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz, are you ready for the invasion ?
It begun a long time ago, you didn’t even noticed…

That’s what genestealer are here for, preparing the field for the Hive, lurking in the shadows !

Now this one is a hell of a beast, and i bet he’s gonna make some pencil disappear…

We’re getting closer to the end of the cycle, and more importantly the Necron Lord will soon awake !

Gonna be a blast, but hey for now it’s “only” the fourth warpack, and i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do !

My drive, in cas you forgot since the beginning of the month 😉

Cya Boyz !


Deadly Salvage is now available on OCTGN

Alright boyz, now we’re talking !

Orkz in da place !
Gorzod is here and he’s gonna make you cry, and fear, and feel, and hurts and oh boy am i excited !
Ok ok let’s calm down…

On a more serious note, i’m updating conquest to the new octgn API, and there might be some bugs here and there, so feel free to copy paste any error message you get here so i can fix it as quickly as possible !

Anyway the usual link to my drive, image pack, docs, stuff… you know it !



Boundless Hate is now available on OCTGN

And the cycle continues Boyz!
Will you follow Salaine Morn on her dangerous path or are you more that Khorne of guy ?

As usual you can check my drive for images pack.

I’m really excited about tournaments this year, especially the nationals, wich with a bit of luck will go on with a full cycle and the necrons ! Would be so great !!!

Anyway for now enjoy our two new warlords, and the other cards too !

Cya Boyz


Decree of Ruin is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boys long time no see !

So multiple news today :
-New update with the first warpack (yeah !!)
-The image pack for the warlord cycle is now officially uncensored !
-Christmas is coming… and no i probably won’t do anything special about it… sorry, work and family first ! (Family especially)

As usual you can find the image pack on my drive

Enjoy boyz !