WHI Active on WordPress Site


Hello everyone, Entropy42 here.  I saw that WHI had become inactive in the OCTGN Games Feed, so I re-added it and got a WordPress site created for it.

You can still download all the card images (Core-Eternal War) from my Dropbox page (for now).

I’m still transitioning this plug in to a new developer, but wasn’t going to let it die in the meantime.  I won’t, however, be uploading Cataclysm.  That set won’t be added until a new developer takes over.  The set is mostly done, but my successor will have to finish it off and cross-check with the released cards.

7 thoughts on “WHI Active on WordPress Site

    • Sorry it took me so long to approve this comment, I thought I turned comment moderation off. Selverin had previously volunteered to take over the plug-in, but I have not heard back from him the few times I have emailed him. If he is still willing to manage it, please have him contact me.

    • I fixed the link, it still points to my Dropbox. Not sure what happened, it seemed like there may have been 2 links pasted end-to-end.

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