Wrath of the Crusaders is now Available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz, huge update today !
Okay maybe not for you, but it did took me 12h of work. Straight. Ok i did watch some stupid videos on the warp…
Anyway 3 things this patch :

1) The Black Templars are here to kick ass and eat Khorne Flakes, but we’re all out of Flakes.
2) “Declare the Crusade” is now playable, i did a little function that let you replace a planet with an other ! yeah \o/ (Just right click on a planet, bottom of the menu, Replace Planet, couldn’t make it more obvious 😉 ). Btw thanks Kingsley for always being there to tell me what’s missing in the plugin, it helps a lot 🙂
3) The last i know some of you were waiting for, and a lot of you absolutely don’t care, but nonetheless it’s here : the Deck Check. Yep, now you will know when you load a deck if it’s valid or not. I might have forgotten some interaction, but i think it should cover the vast majority of error one can make when building too fast 😉

So that’s it Boyz, hope you still enjoy the game as much as i do, i wish you good luck in your future game and future regional tournament (yes yes it’s coming really fast !!!! #excited )

Cya on the field Boyz !

ps : Drive, image pack, you know the drill. (also The Great Devourer is out since more than 6 month, so it’s now officially uncensored ! )

6 thoughts on “Wrath of the Crusaders is now Available on OCTGN

  1. Thanks a lot, Kertanos! Was actually brushing up on Python and the OCTGN API to volunteer on the codebase but had more pressing things to do. (was mainly pushed by the lack of support for Declare :p)

  2. I was testing what happens when we play the upcoming Warp Rift. When I swap the position of two planets, the game appears to still think they are in the original position.

    When you get to the point where a swapped planet should be the new planet one (end of turn) the game assigns p1 marker to the planets as if they had never been swapped.

    Not a problem until you load the next war pack, but thought I’d raise it.

    • Yeah the planets are not managed through their position but rather by their name. I’ll try to think of something for Warp rift. Pack should be up this week end if everything goes as scheduled.

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