Mar 23

What Lurks Below is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz, are you ready for the invasion ?
It begun a long time ago, you didn’t even noticed…

That’s what genestealer are here for, preparing the field for the Hive, lurking in the shadows !

Now this one is a hell of a beast, and i bet he’s gonna make some pencil disappear…

We’re getting closer to the end of the cycle, and more importantly the Necron Lord will soon awake !

Gonna be a blast, but hey for now it’s “only” the fourth warpack, and i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do !

My drive, in cas you forgot since the beginning of the month 😉

Cya Boyz !

Mar 01

Deadly Salvage is now available on OCTGN

Alright boyz, now we’re talking !

Orkz in da place !
Gorzod is here and he’s gonna make you cry, and fear, and feel, and hurts and oh boy am i excited !
Ok ok let’s calm down…

On a more serious note, i’m updating conquest to the new octgn API, and there might be some bugs here and there, so feel free to copy paste any error message you get here so i can fix it as quickly as possible !

Anyway the usual link to my drive, image pack, docs, stuff… you know it !