Aug 20

The Great Devourer is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz ! How were your vacations ?
Mine were great, so great i didn’t pay attention to the time running and running…
But here it is, finally the tyranids will rage upon the stars !
I added a new “Synapse” section in the deckbuilder, i guess you know what to do with it 😉
Also now when you creates multiple tokens, they don’t pile up like before but instead are created in a line so it’s easier to move them as a group 😉

Can’t wait for the new cycle, the changes in the meta, and of course the actual Great Devourer reel box !

This is gonna be great !

Cya Boyz !

ps : The image pack is released, as usual on my drive, also I uncensored the 4 first warpacks of the warlord cycle since it’s been more than 6 month.