Mar 16

Zogwort’s Curse is now available on OCTGN

Ok Boyz, some complicated stuff this time !

The fourth warpack is out, and playable, but you won’t download it automatically when you start octgn, because there’s a problem with the server hosting octgn game updates. Probably some Oddboy trying some Mork stuff…
So you can find the update file on my drive, with the updated image pack aswell.
You then have to put the .nupkg file in your “local feed” folder in OCTGN (usually : C:\Users\YourName\Documents\OCTGN\LocalFeed ) and restart octgn, which should then update Conquest to

Spread the word, cause i know you’re not a lot to follow this (quite empty) blog.

And let’s hope Gork will fix this !

Edit : Gork be praised ! It’s all been fixed !