Warhammer 40k Conquest is up on OCTGN !

Hey guys, the plugin is finally online !

Some changes had to be made to the GUIDs so you may have to remake your deck.

Sorry boys, that’s the price to pay to the Chaos God !

FEED URL: http://www.myget.org/F/octgngamedirectory/

The Root Google drive for Image Pack and Documentation is here

Quick Guide:

  • Click [Add Game Feed] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN. Name the feed and provide the url listed above.
  • Select the newly added feed, find the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG plugin from the list, and click ‘Install’


More Documentation Soon

6 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k Conquest is up on OCTGN !

  1. Nop, the feed only gets you the latest release of the plugin.
    For images packs, they can be found on my drive as stated above.

  2. The images are censored on purpose for 6 month after the release of the packs.
    It’s an agreement with FFG.
    You can however go in OCTGN options and set the “zoom behavior on cards when original image is available” to “display proxy when holding ctrl”.
    Or you can make you own image pack with your own scan if you own the game (wich you should 😀 )

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