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As a request of some players I create a Fan Set feed with Guardians of The Faith and Champions of Cagn fan sets. This set is created by Jeff Kuta, Carl Pilhatsch and Eric Chiang. Those guys are from old Design Team and start to create new official expansion to VtES but after few internal discussions the design group split in two groups the official design team and fan team called PCK.

This is the fan team blog: http://pckvtes.wordpress.com/

If you have your own fan set, and want to play it on OCTGN send an email to me and I can put it here. My email is: sydnelson1@hotmail.com

 How to install and play VtES with fan sets on OCTGN.

1 – Download and Install OCTGN3 from this page:

* If you don’t have .NET 4 and VB runtimes installed OCTGN installer will install it for you.

2 – Download VTES image pack from one of those links to a folder easy to remember:

3 – Open the program and signup your account. I recommend putting a tag on your account like -vtes to differ you from hundreds of magic and other games players. Ex.: Sydnelson-vtes

4 – After login go to “Games Manager” tab, click on “Add Game Feed” and create new feed with a cool name to describe the feed (such as VtES Game Feed), In the FEED URL/PATH text box, copy+paste this link: https://www.myget.org/f/vtes

5 – Click the newly-added feed in the left list, scroll through the list, select and install “VtES Game with Fan Sets” from that feed.

* Note VtES Game and VtES with Fan Sets have different structure and are not compatible with one another.

* Installed games on this feed will automatically update and install whenever a new version is available.

6 – After game installed click on “Add Image Packs” button and choose image pack downloaded from step 2.

7 – You can create/join in a game on “Custom Games” tab and can talk with other players on “Community Chat” tab.

8 – To create\edit decks go to “Deck Editor” menu and choose desired game.

Let’s play people!!!

5 thoughts on “VtES Fan Sets

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  2. I made 4 decks based on my starter decks from Keepers of the Faith sets. They are Ventrue starter, Toreador starter, Brujah starter, Malkavian starter. I would be happy to share them with everyone in the base installation of game. If you want I can send them to you, just email me.

  3. I’ve been playing VTES on lackeyccg but it’s sad that there are few people playing VTES there. Most people play MTG. I wonder if OCTGN has more players than lackeyccg. Please send me a reply in my email.

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