How to Install

How to install and play VtES on OCTGN.

1 – Download and Install OCTGN3 from this page:

* If you don’t have .NET 4 and VB runtimes installed OCTGN installer will install it for you.

2 – Download VTES image pack from one of those links to a folder easy to remember:

3 – Open the program and signup your account. I recommend putting a tag on your account like -vtes to differ you from hundreds of magic and other games players. Ex.: Sydnelson-vtes

4 – After login go to “Games Manager” tab, click on “Add Game Feed” and create new feed with a cool name  to describe the feed (such as VtES Game Feed), In the FEED URL/PATH text box, copy+paste this link:

5 – Click the newly-added feed in the left list, scroll through the list, select and install VtES Game from that feed.

* Installed games on this feed will automatically update and install whenever a new version is available.

6 – After game installed click on “Add Image Packs” button and choose image pack downloaded from step 2.

7 – You can create\join in a game on “Custom Games” tab and can talk with other players on “Community Chat” tab.

8 – To create\edit decks go to “Deck Editor” menu and choose desired game.

Let’s play people!!!

17 thoughts on “How to Install

  1. Got the “invalid *.08C file” error.. only me ?
    Ill try rebooting the computer and reinstalling OCTGN when I get home from work to see if that solves the problem..

    Also, is it still possible to add your own cards like it was in the past ?
    Will the same program and such work.. ?

  2. I hope its just me…

    Can you give a link to the program used to put the images of cards into it ?

    Was playing a campaign with own created vampires, would like to be able to go on with it.

  3. its all in chinese language and it’s not working at my place. I’ll wait for your new link, thanks for your quick replay!

    • The 4shared site is in english for me, take a look at corners to see how to change language or use the new MEGA mirror that i’ve added right now.

  4. Hello! Thanks for making such an awesome program; online VTES has been such a boon to my friends and me.
    I am having some trouble with my Vampire deck. When I attempt to add a card to the deck by dragging it from the browser, another card appears in the deck’s card list. I tried to add the card Hadrian Garrick and The Dracon appeared instead, instead of Hesha Ruhadze, Tremere appeared in the deck and Count Ormonde became Sir Marriot D’Urban, and the Jackal ally instead of Saatet-Ta. I tried creating a new deck and the problem recurred exactly except that Count Ormonde was fine (I had replaced his image previously, so that might have done it). It’s not a big deal to switch out the images, but I think some of the card definitions might be a bit mixed up particularly with the Followers of Set vampires and allies.

    • I know about that bug, probably I mess up unique card identifiers when add mythic vampires. Will fix it on next update after the end of the year. Thanks for report.

  5. I recently had to reinstal Octgn as my computer broke down. It does not install .net 4 or anything else, and I can’t get it to work any other way. What am I missing? I downloaded it from the link you provided

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