Added Anarchs Unbound expansion
Updated EDGE and some icons images
Updated game and sets urls – 14/APR/2015
Fixed missing Jyhad and VtES expansion cards – 21/MAR/2015
Added Storyline Rewards 2015 promo cards
Added cards from storyline The Red Sign – 13/JAN/2015
Correct image file GUIDS (this will correct all wrong image files)
Correct KoT precon decks – 04/DEC/2014
Added few menu entries
Correct some texts and data
Added all expansions precons (thanks to Luigi Piccinni)
Added new expansion The Unaligned
Added cards from storyline The Return
Added fan set expansion Champions of Cagn (only to fan set version) – 07/DEC/2013
Corrected some keyboard shortcuts and chat log commands
Updated HELP file
Added discard X cards from library option
Added remove from game X cards from ash heap option
Added a menu option to become Anarch
Added a menu option to prompt total votes For or Against in Referendum
Correct contest menu order
Correct Transfer shortcuts and some python errors related to that
Correct random discard card name from hand (now show card name on log)
Correct changelog build numbers
Added new expansion Danse Macabre
Corrected some Counters keyboard shortcuts
Minor Fixes
Maintenance release – 05/AUG/2013
Added a Hand menu to send cards back to library (useful for effects like Heart of Nizchetus)
Added a menu for contested cards
Added functions to transfer counters from pool to cards in play
Added Combo Card and Conviction \ Power sections to deck editor
Change shortcut for “No Reactions” from F11 to Shift+F11 (F11 is shortcut to full screen)
Change Anarch Counter cost (from 2 to 0)
Corrected Custom counters option
Corrected Tokens images
Updated some card images and texts – JUN/2013
Official release
Added some new cards scans and features
Create vtes fan sets branch
Added fan set expansion Guardians of The Faith
Fixed some typos errors
Fixed Phase change errors
Added Card Rulings URL
Added new vtes font type
Added new hand icon
Added new right click options and optimize current ones
Added some new cards scans
Added new filters on deck editor to better deck construction
Rearrange all shortcuts
Create HELP file and added it for game options
Added game rules to game options – 15/DEC/2008
Initial release

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