VS 2pcg – The Alien Battles has been added!

UPR85372The Alien Battles has been added!

Couple of changes to support the new game mechanics in The Alien Battles have been added:

“Additional deck editor entries were added for both Equipment and Facehugger Pile cards. If a card is supposed to go in the Facehugger Pile then please add it to that section. This will auto-load to a new Facehugger Pile that I’ve added into the game (will be right next to the Removed from Game pile and is collapsed by default just like the RFG pile). Clicking the icon for it will expand it out so you can view it.

New pile added: As just mentioned, a new pile for the Facehugger cards has been added to the game engine. The process of using this pile will be to randomly draw (right click on the pile and click Random Draw) to randomly draw your card from it when Ovomorphs are trying to hatch.”

Updated image pack (needs to be applied after updating): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7601097/VS2PCG.o8c


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