If you do not know how to play Star Wars: The Card Game yet, then your first stop is the official video tutorial by Fantasy Flight games. It’s very high quality and an excellent introduction into the rules

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, then before you jump into OCTGN, you should really take the time to watch the OCTGN use tutorial, to understand the basics of using the engine to play efficiently. This will make your first playthrough much more enjoyable.

You can also download and use/print the keyboard shortcuts reference sheets below if this is something you would find useful. Click for larger images.

OCTGN SW LCG HotkeysOCTGN SW LCG Smart Actions

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  1. Me deleita ciertamente los motivos que redactas aqui, pese a que el estilo y diseño
    del internet web se trata dee algo soso. De todas formas,
    Fantastico escrito.

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