Aug 16

Listen to this

The latest update brings with it something new and exciting: Sound Effects! Now whenever you do any of many things, an appropriate sound will play from your sound system which I hope will add to the thematic feeling of the game.

For the moment, most of the sounds will fire on one of the following: Participate in Battle, Strike with a Unit, Play a unit from your hand or Destroy one of your own units or objectives. There’s a lot of variation for striking and participating units, to the point that I have added around 70 different sound effects which will give a nice variation of sounds for each unit type or specific trait.

Many unique units on the other hand, have gotten some of their quotes from the movies to use when they enter play, participate in an engagement, or strike.

All in all, this is about 100 different sound effects to be used all around the game, something which I hope will improve the experience of playing online, in a way you cannot achieve IRL.

There’s only one catch: In order to be able to play the sounds, you will need to be an OCTGN subscriber as the specific API which I’m using is restricted in this way. However since sounds are a completely optional and non-essential component, I think this is fine. Consider sounds a reword for helping make OCTGN a better software for everyone.

And if you are a subscriber but you find the sounds distracting, you can now also find an option in the Game menu which will allow you to switch all sounds off permanently.

In the next few days, I hope I’ll have a chance to stream a few games which will display how the new sounds sound like in the game, until then, if you’re a subscriber, try them out, let me know what you think and if you have access to more similar sounds and want to make a suggestion for more, feel free to let me know 😉