Aug 27

Further improved striking

Alrighty, I’ve done another hefty update to the striking mechanism with 2.4.5.x

  • Now game will ask if you want to use Tactics or Unit Damage first if you have both and will announce the order they were used.
  • Game will now take into account if a unit has targeted strike, and will ignore non-participating targeted units if it doesn’t.
  • Game will now confirm with the player if they want to allow it to auto-target, in case they forgot to target units before they strike. This will attempt to figure out which units are valid targets and provide a selection window.
  • Pressing cancel on selecting units (or not using automatic discovery), will not put the tokens anywhere, allowing for manual placement.

Here’s how a strike from Yoda with 2 enhancements will appear on the log, after selecting to use unit damage first.

db0 strikes with Yoda for 4 Unit Damage on [‘Jedi in Hiding’: 1, ‘Secret Informant’: 2, “Twi’lek Loyalist”: 1], then 1 Tactics on [‘Luke Skywalker’: 1] and 4 Blast Damage on The Secret of Yavin 4.

Here’s how the same strike (but with tactics first this time) will appear if you didn’t select any targets and declined to auto-find them.

db0 strikes with Yoda for 1 Tactics, then 4 Unit Damage and 4 Blast Damage on The Secret of Yavin 4.

As you can see, you can use the latter as a more manual method, informing the amount but then manually placing the icons.

Also now that targeted strike has been implemented, targeting non-participating units with strikes which are not ‘Targeted’, will ignore them when placing damage tokens. This makes it easier to strike with units which have non-targeted Unit Damage & Tactics, but no opponent in the battle. In the past the damage token ended up on your targets outside of combat which was a bit annoying. Now it’s properly ignored.

Aug 24

Improved Striking

I’ve just pushed live a new version that significantly improves the way strikes of units with a lot of combat icons work. Until now, when a unit had Unit Damage and Tactics icons, or more than 1 Tactics, the game couldn’t figure out where you wanted to assign the tokens. With the new system, the game will instead ask you which of the units you’ve targeted should take the unit damage and which ones the tactics, and you can even split the tactics as much as you want.

I’ve made short video to quickly show how this works.

Basically, just remember to always target the units you want to affect before you strike and everything should be easy enough after that. The only tricky situation might be when a unit has shields and you want to know if they’ll use their shield token from your damage before your tactics. I’m working on a system to automate shield using as well, but until that’s ready, just clarify things manually with your opponent before you strike as you would do anyway.

Jun 29

Assault on Echo Base now automated

Pushed version 2.2.1.x which provides automation for most cards in AoEB

  • Cards not scripted:
    • Col Serra (Only the Edge(1) is scripted)
    • Confronting the Terror
    • Corrupt Official
    • Echo Control Center
    • Knowledge and Defense
  • Cards with tricky scripting:
    • The General’s Imperative – Your reserve won’t be reduced when this objective is damaged. You’ll need to modify it manually
    • Sabotage in the Snow – It won’t autofire. You’ll need to double click it at the appropriate time. Target the cards for quicker results.
    • Turbolaser Battery – Won’t autofire. Double click on it to use it.
    • A Stinging Insult – Will engage only unfocused units
  • Fixed the placement of Edge Cards and Dummy cards to not force zoom out.
  • Double clicking an objective at the start of the game will now select it to put at the bottom of the deck.
Jun 04


Added a quick version to fix some of the issues reported in github

  • Added warning when trying to deploy a unit or enhancement out of phase.
  • Fixed Reconnaisence mission hopefully
  • Fixed Self-Preservation adding force per opposing units
  • Fixed A Dark Time for The Rebellion triggering on opponent’s turn
  • Fixed Error with Jedi Mind Trick and It Binds all Things