Aug 13

Yet another big batch of bugfixes

I played about 4 hours of SW:tCG today and I found good amount of bugs, such as Leia unfocusing the opponent’s units, or Renegade Squadron Mobilization working for its owner’s units (why are you people not reporting these?!) and I just had to deal with them. In the course I fixed a good bunch of other stuff which I’m sure were annoying to many others as well.

  • Returning Units to hand will now discard their enhancements.
  • Jabba’s Orders now has a proper react trigger that simply announces its effect. You need to the rest manually
  • Greedo will only trigger when participating now.
  • Deploy the Fleet will now get damaged when used.
  • Deploy the Fleet can now spawn more than 1 reduction effect.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now spawn further up and stack for visibility.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now inform about their purpose once per player.
  • Leia will now clear player’s focus tokens rather than opponent’s.
  • Leia will now properly clear all focus tokens.
  • Fleeing the empire will now autoselect targeted cards.
  • Renegade Squadron Mobilization will now trigger correctly only at opponent’s units leaving the table.
  • Edge Card placements will now reset properly.
  • Tatooine Crash will capture automatically at itself, without asking.
  • Changed Yoda’s and Rogue Three’s icons to be more generically named

Oh and btw, I’m don’t know if you noticed, but you must be getting far less annoying pop-up windows anymore. Now I save a setting if you’ve seen them once, so I don’t have to bother you again with them. MOTD is a special case as it will appear again when it changes.

  • HARDCORE mode setting will now be retained between sessions.
  • The information window about triggers will only appear once per player.
  • Each new MOTD will appear once per player.
  • Added keyborad shortcuts reference card to the documents menu.

Finally, if you’re interested to seeing the two games I played today (which I thought were pretty interesting), you can find them embedded below. They were played against a fellow Greek, so we were using voice chat to play faster. Feel free to mute them if it’s too distracting when you cannot understand it.

Aug 09

Lotsa Bug Fixes

Self Preservation Objective2.3.8.x is another update focusing on fixing a lot of small stuff

  • Fixed Moorsh Moraine and Raise the Stakes unopposed bonus stacking
  • Fixed Greedo and Jawa Scavengers not triggering sometimes.
  • Changed the Button art to make more sense thematically 🙂
  • Darth Vader (Sith) will now choose any targeted cards if they exist.
  • Fixed Bounty not triggering on Refresh
  • Fixed Preparation for Battle always triggering if Dial is above 8
  • Fixed Self Preservation giving LS extra force for each committed DS unit, when the DS calculated the force struggle.
  • Fixed Gaffi Stick firing outside of engagement
  • Fixed Asteroid Sanctuary not triggering half the time
  • Fixed Carbonite Transport not targeting correctly.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reporting them on the issue tracker. Y’all are stars!

There is a small chance I introduced regression bugs with my Self Preservation fix. If you see anything not working when it was until now, please let me know ASAP.

Jun 04


Added a quick version to fix some of the issues reported in github

  • Added warning when trying to deploy a unit or enhancement out of phase.
  • Fixed Reconnaisence mission hopefully
  • Fixed Self-Preservation adding force per opposing units
  • Fixed A Dark Time for The Rebellion triggering on opponent’s turn
  • Fixed Error with Jedi Mind Trick and It Binds all Things