Expansions & Force Packs

The Search For Skywalker The Desolation of Hoth The Battle of Hoth Escape from Hoth A Dark Time

You can play the game just by downloading it from the OCTGN Game Directory Feed and in this case the cards in the game will be without any art, but just the text.

While usable, naturally the experience is significantly improved if you have downloaded and installed the card images as well. Those are not bundled with the game itself due to size constraints, but can still be downloaded and installed separately. Unfortunately, to avoid cannibalizing FFG sales, we provide censored packs for the first six months of their shelf-life. This means you’ll have to have bought the card pack and be able to look up the individual cards to be able to play with the card images.

Available Sets


If you have the sets already from OCTGN 3.0 and you want to convert them to 3.1 without re-downloading, check this guide.


If you have your own scans and want to use those instead of the censored card, you can follow this guide to do so.

32 thoughts on “Expansions & Force Packs

  1. hi i dont mean to be a bother but i have downloaded the image packs and then extracted them using 7 zip but none of them are the right file type to be added as image packs to octgn any help would be appreciated thank you

  2. Uh, censoring the cards is pretty lame. The better experience someone has trying the game out online, the more likely they are to buy physical copies and get their friends into it. I have all the sets and was looking to play with people online too. Thanks for scanning them, but it just makes me not want to use them. Who wants to look back and forth from their computer to read a card? Nah, I’ll stick with just the text cards for OCTGN.

  3. Any idea when censored images for the 6 objectives sets Balance of the Force will be coming. Looking at the black backgrounds is starting to get old.
    Thanks for all you do! Great work.

  4. i have a random question is there a way to remove the images after i installed them cause i am getting tired of looking back and forth at my physical cards and my screen

  5. I find the commands for Star Wars LCG in OCTGN unnessesearly complicated, they make the main command to set up and go to each phase is “control+shift+S” and adding counters, which is functionaly almost identical to adding counters in Lord of the Rings LCG is “Control+(shift)+F, G, H” instead of just using the exact same commands as in Lord of the rings (much easier F1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). I tried playing a game aerlier and I had to just quit it, it was just making by brain explode trying to memorize all these complicated commands, it was like I was learning MS. DOS all over again, very dumb. The developer badly need to rework the commands to something that is similar to near identical (as close as possible) to Lord of the Rings LCG so at least people that are used to and have been playing that for a long time on OCTGN can seemlessly move to playing Star Wars LCG.

  6. I believe in your Echoes of the Force image pack, you have Between the Shadows included, instead of Lure of the Dark Side.

  7. I own all of the packs that are currently supported in this module but cannot find the files for the Rogue Squadron Cycle to replace. Where can I find those?

    • Me too the whole rogue squadron and imperial intanglements, psuh me to some Box cloud location, I tried to download uncensored packs, and nothing happens. I registered to the Box and nothing happened too… can someone help please !

        • I went ahead and replaced the image packs that were previously posted. The old links stopped working due to a monthly bandwidth limit on downloads from the host service.

  8. Good afternoon, I am having a problem with downloading image packs. I can only download Echos of the Force Cycle and later. The first four links go to an unreachable site. I have successfully downloaded the later cycles and packs, but would like to get the earlier cards as well. Thank you.

    • I’m not quite sure the issue you are having? When I click on the links they bring up the “save as” dialog to save the o8c files.

    • It looks like db0 shut down his site where he was hosting them. I’ll have to get them setup somewhere else.

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