Request for Assistance/Handover

Hey people. It’s becoming apparent to me that I just don’t have the time and the motivation to maintain the level of automation in this game that I was doing until now. Star Wars has extremely complex interactions between cards and their complexity keeps increasing with each expansion. Not only am I busy with other projects but I find that I’m just not playing any SW any more either, and as such my main motivation (scratching my own itch) does not really exist.

Is anyone interested in taking over maintenance of this game in OCTGN? Until someone steps up, I can keep adding the new sets without automation (and maybe add some very basic automations for the simpler cards) but I won’t try to script complex and new cards like Mara Jade for example.

If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can help you setup. The current code is all open sourced and available to github. If you are any good with python, you can easily pick up where I left it and if you remain in github, I can assist with patches and bugfixes if I feel like it.

I can also provide you with access to this blog to continue the updates.

As an aside, I’ve added some basic automation to Heroes and Legends and Lure of the Dark Side so at least known cards like Twist of Fate or easy ones, like the lighsabers, work.

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    • Hey Adam, you can start by forking the github repository. Feel free to make changes there and then push them upsteam to me for review.

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