If you’ve enjoyed playing this game online and want to express your gratitude you can use one of the following ways

  • Continue buying the Star Wars: The Card Game product from Fantasy Flight Games. Force packs come out each month and the more interest there is, the more likely they’ll keep coming out for the foreseeable future
  • Subscribe to OCTGN. The money goes to paying for the significant server costs and paying for further development. Subscriptions are voluntary and very appreciated by the OCTGN developers.
  • If you’re any good with C#: Contribute to the OCTGN development. There’s a host of features I’d like to use but development manpower is limited. If you can implement any of my open feature requests, it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Contribute to the SW LCG game definition. I can always use extra python coders to improve the scripting and people to make videos or tutorials for others to use.
  • And finally, if you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, and feel the need to contribute somehow, feel free to give me direct cantina tip, to fund further gambling caffeine-fueled development 😉Donate Button

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