Mar 13

Discord Server for Online Play Coordination and Chat

I have set up a Discord server as a means to coordinate online play as well as just provide a casual place to chat. Discord is a free voice and text chat aimed at gamers (think Teamspeak or Mumble). You can also use it to set up voice chat with individuals, so you can use it for voice interaction with online opponents instead of Skyping.

Invite Link

The server is open up to the entire LCG community.

Feel free also to connect with community members to play other online games.

Apr 13

Draw Their Fire + Objective, Balance Token, & Button Fixes

Draw Their Fire has been added. Also, thanks to killerangel1863 for adding a fix for the annoying problems with the objectives, balance token, and buttons.

Aug 16

Game with sounds

I just managed to  quickly squeeze in a game to show the new sounds implementation in action. You can check it out below

Let me know what you think in the comments