Aug 29

Some updates, and FYI

Been awhile since I have posted an update here. Galactic Ambitions, Redemption & Return, and Ancient Rivals have all been added. All cards that are reprints of old cards, and most cards that have game text similar to existing cards have been scripted, though not all. If you have cards you’d like scripted, feel free to comment here, or on CGDB, or on the Discord server.

Image packs, other than the ones currently linked, are not available. I am still working on tracking down the older image packs. I will post an update when they are available againg.

Feb 22

Variety of Updates

It has been quite some time since I have posted any updates.

  • All of the Rogue Squadron cycle, as well as Imperial Entanglements and the first two packs of the Endor cycle have been added. Scripting is spotty for many cards, but pilots should all attach, missions should switch control and trigger DS dial/victory piles correctly.
  • Uncensored image packs are up for Between the Shadows, and 5 of the 6 Rogue Squadron cycle packs. A corrected image pack for Echoes cycle has also been added.
Apr 26

Balance and Echoes of the Force uncensored

The uncensored image packs for Balance of the Force and Echoes of the Force cycle have been uploaded. Check them out in the sets page

Feb 01

Balance of the Force art now available

I’ve finally managed to procure the Balance of the Force card images, so now I’ve added them to the sets section for download.

I’ve also added the uncensored versions of Assault on Echo Base, Battle of Hoth and Edge of Darkness.


Sep 27

Escape from Hoth image packs uploaded

You can now grab the Escape from Hoth censored image packs from the sets page. I’ve also uploaded the uncensored image pack for Desolation of Hoth now that 6 months have passed since its initial release.

Jul 01

AoEB images now available and Core Set uncensored

I’ve just uploaded the Assault on Echo Base censored image pack, and I’ve also updated the core set images to their uncensored versions, since 6 months have passed since release. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page and enjoy!