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If you enjoy OCTGN and/or found this website helpful, please consider contributing to the project. There are several ways to do so:

  • Most importantly, SUBSCRIBE!! OCTGN is an incredibly diverse program that requires a LOT of resources and development time.  Adding a subscription to your online OCTGN account is 100% optional and all proceeds go towards making this program as awesome as it can be.
  • We have many game developers here making quality game definitions for the enjoyment of everyone.  If you’re skilled in Python & XML, please consider helping out the development of some of these games.  Most game pages on this site have contact info for the developers, and many host the game’s code on GitHub.
  • OCTGN’s main development team is always looking for help.  Check out OCTGN’s github repository @ and consider squashing some bugs or sending some quality pull requests.  OCTGN is written in .NET and C#.
  • Suggestions to improve the quality of this website are always welcome.

3 thoughts on “Support OCTGN

  1. Hallo at all (Sorry my english isn’t the best) I found an cool old card game Named: bohnanza – game not the Movie 😉 and i like to make this work in OCTGN But I dont know how to do…. is there a change to create it with the old Magic Set Editor?

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