How to Play

The current version of the game definition will take care of moving the cards to the correct piles or positions on the table.  Rules enforcement and card automation is not implemented, but is planned for future updates.  While playing, try not to move cards as the game will take care of it for you.

First off the official Star Realms rules are available in the Game Documents menu while in game, you can familiarize yourself with the rules there or read them from here:

To begin the game the player who hosted should load the deck in the Star Realms folder.  Then right click on the table and select ‘Setup Game’.  After each player’s turn they should right click on the table and select ‘End Turn’.  This will clean up the play area, draw a new hand and pass control to the next player.

To play cards from your hand double click them, it will place them on the table and if it is a ship activate its ability.  You can base actions by double clicking on them.  If a card has a synergy action double clicking the card after the default action has been taken will activate it.  To use a card’s scrap action, right click on the card and select the option from the menu.

The ‘del’ key will send a card to your discard from your hand or the table, useful for when you need to destroy a base or are forced to discard out of your hand.

Interacting with the trade row is done by right clicking and selecting the appropriate action (buy or scrap).  Double clicking a trade row card automatically purchases it for you.

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