Jun 24 Released

Version has been pushed, you should get the updated next time you restart OCTGN.

This is a small update with just 2 changes.

1. You can now select the player who will play first, rather that it always being the player who runs setup.

2. Tracks the number of games played. (no user information is tracked, although game history/player stats might be added).

Jun 21

Initial Release

Star Realms is now available from the OCTGN Game Directory!

The initial release has all the base set card data and a working proxy generator. It doesn’t have card automation or rules enforcement although they are planned for a later date. It does however handle the card movements and trade row wonderfully.

Use the links in the header to install and find the card images if you don’t want to use proxies. Please leave a comment if you have an issue/bug report/feature request and happy Star Realms-ing.