Sharper Quality card images uploaded

Thanks to the help of Steve Kozlowski I was able to procure somewhat higher quality scans of the Spycraft cards. They’re not significantly larger in size, but they’re much sharper quality, so the text should be easier to read.

Get them from the sets page.

2 thoughts on “Sharper Quality card images uploaded

  1. I just found this program (have yet to try it out) but it looks fantastic! My friend and I are huge Spycraft fans and have been searching for a good online client. We have even toyed with the idea of making our own cards and testing them out due to the fairly limited cardpool. Do you still play online? Does the client support more than 2 players playing at once? After I become familiar with how the program works I would love to play with you!

    • Hey mate, at the moment the game cannot easily handle multiplayer. It’s doable but players will have to manually fix card placement a bit. The reason why it’s not automated is because there just isn’t enough people to justify the effort to craft it.

      I generally play online but not Spycraft so much as I have very little time available. But ask around in the OCTGN chat as I know there’s at least a few players active in it.

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