Jan 13

Errata and Typos

New version has been uploaded which includes all the important Errata as well as fixing a lot of typos. It also updates the mission deck to the last available and more balanced version.

Thanks to the good work from Argali from the spycraft subreddit (which you should visit ASAP)

Finally the image pack has been updated with the custom-made errata of cards, so that you don’t have to keep track manually. They’re not perfect but they should get the job done. Just re-download and reinstall in your OCTGN.

Aug 23

Sharper Quality card images uploaded

Thanks to the help of Steve Kozlowski I was able to procure somewhat higher quality scans of the Spycraft cards. They’re not significantly larger in size, but they’re much sharper quality, so the text should be easier to read.

Get them from the sets page.