Jul 07

The Freedom Five have arrived!

Freedom FiveHere are the heroes of the Base Game (1) Set (in glorious 300 dpi resolution!). Their cards – along with the cards of the two Villain decks and two Environment decks in the set – have finally been compiled into a Card Package ready for use on OCTGN. Download the game and the card package to start experiencing the world of Sentinel Comics!

Jun 16

An Introduction to Sentinels of the Multiverse

sentinelsHey there, fellow OCTGN users. This is a post commemorating the first available version of Sentinels of the Multiverse (or Sentinels/SotM for short)! Sentinels is a fixed-deck, cooperative card game released by Greater Than Games. The game is comic-book themed, taking place in the world of Sentinel Comics, where heroes and villains from all walks of life come together to wage epic battles across the multiverse!

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a multiplayer game, needing a minimum of 2 players to be playable. I recommend playing with at least 3 players (for reasons that will become obvious once a game gets rolling), but the game is set to be played with a maximum of 5 players. The rules are included both in a section of the game’s OCTGN website and in OCTGN’s Game Database once the game has been downloaded (though there are several other places where the rulebook is available). I’d go on about the rest of Sentinel’s rules and content, but it’s perhaps easiest to dive straight into the game yourself and look around rather than having me write everything here.

The game is definitely in its infancy on OCTGN, but I look forward to making it expand and advance. With that, I bid you go forth – the world of Sentinel Comics awaits!