Report a Bug

Discovered a bug while playing OCTGN? Don’t know where to report to? Before reporting, please consider the following:


  • A crash, freeze, or unresponsive OCTGN window
  • Chatroom or PM system
  • Deck Editor (general functionality)
  • User Registration & Login system

These issues are all related to OCTGN’s code.  This website DOES NOT deal with OCTGN troubleshooting or other issues related to the OCTGN client itself.  To seek help, go to OCTGN’s official support page @


  • Red Python error messages in the in-game chat log
  • Gameplay functions and hotkeys that don’t work as expected
  • Issues with installing certain (but not all) games, feeds
  • Card images or game text that are incorrect/missing

These issues are usually specific to a game definition, and should NOT be reported to OCTGN’s official support page.  Instead, visit the game’s website located in this blog (check the sidebar to the right) and look for a contact link to the game developer or an issue tracker specifically for that game.

10 thoughts on “Report a Bug

  1. Agrh… The editor deletes the text between brackets. I try again without brackets:
    property name=”Cost” value=”2+”

  2. Hello,
    First, sorry for my english, I write and speak very badly.

    it is impossible for me to connect with OCTGN. When I click on “sign in”, the button becomes gray and nothing any more occurs, OCTGN seems blocked!!!!
    However, updated is held without problem.

    I do not understand from which the problem comes.

    I use WIN7 Premium 64 bits.

    I hope that you will be able to help me, thank you.

    Franck, a french user

  3. Latest release is really buggy. Frequent crashes mid-game (memory leak I suspect). When joining a game sometimes you can have multiple of the same person in the game and cannot remove them.

  4. Game client constantly freezing up and making that awful max-volume buzz out of my speakers, locking up my entire computer and not just octgn. Only seems to do this upon loading into a game, when the game table is loaded and the little window that shows who has loaded into the game and who hasn’t by means of the green/red lights. It’s doing it about every other game! Sometimes I join a game and in the little lobby window are 2 or 3 copies of me in there.

  5. Every time i try to open Octgn, the installation setup keeps popping making me reinstall it if i want to open it. This happens every time i turn on my computer and try to open Octgn. It seems to keep uninstall every time i turn off my computer.

  6. i am having major issues with the program when i sign in i get this error message that says it couldnt get the news feed and even though im signed in i dont have access to the chat and it refuses to let me download any feeds it says they are either down or invalid and i just watched my friend download and start using one. please help

  7. When I try to register on OCTGN, it just crashes and says something went wrong and OCTGN will now shutdown. If it keeps happening please let us know. Any ideas how to register?

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