How to Play

  • Load your deck. Once both players have loaded their deck, press Ctrl+Shift+S to setup your side (or drag your stronghold to the table)
  • Ctrl+Enter cycles through the phases. F1-F4 jumps to specific phase (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter respectively)
  • F10 declares an attack in Summer, or a raid in Autumn. Inform the target player via chat in multiplayer. pressing F10 again finishes the engagement.
  • To play a Hero or Property, double click it from your hand
  • To play an Item, Cohort, or Spell, target a Hero (shift+click) then double-click it from your hand.
  • For cards on the table a “Smart Action” is included by double-clicking them. By order of priority
    • On a Stealth Card (Face Down, Black Highlight) it will flip it up and announce it value.
    • On a face-up stealth card, it will discard it
    • On a Quest, it will complete it and turn it into a token. On a Quest token, it will mark it as uncompleted.
    • On a Hero during an attack or raid, it will make them participate in the engagement
    • On a Hero without an attack or raid ongoing, or on a participating hero, it will Bow/Straighten the Hero
    • On any other card, it will Bow/Straighten it.
  • To discard a card from the table or your hand, mouse over it and press ‘Del’. Doing it from your hand will announce its Fate value (for absorbing attacks)
  • To bury a card, mouse over it and press ‘Ctrl+B’
  • To add markers to a card, mouse over it, right-click it, select, Markers and then choose the one you want.
  • To add Hero or Castle tokens, right-click on the table and select the appropriate action. Then select the token and the amount.
  • To add Cohort tokens, right-click on a hero card and select the appropriate action. Then select the token and the amount.
  • Ctrl+Space to declare “Pass”
  • Ctrl+R to declare “Ready”
  • To attack with a Hero, double click him and any cohorts while participating to bow them. Announce totals to opponent manually if required.
  • To aborb, bury (Ctrl+B) heroes/cohorts/castles as required. You can use Alt+Shift+F to remove food tokens from a castle.
  • Discarding/burrying a hero will discard all attached items and cohorts automatically.
  • To add a stealth card to a hero, target them (Shift+Click) then right click on a card in your hand and “Play Stealth Card”. If you don’t target a hero, the card will just appear in the table middle.
  • To steal Food, manually drag the food tokens from the castle to your Hero
  • To re-arrange food or store food from a raiding hero, once again, manually move the food tokens to a castle.
  • To straighten all your cards in Spring, press Ctrl+S
  • To refill your hand in Winter, press Ctrl+W. It will also clear unfinished quests and inform if you’re exceeding your hand limit.

 Deck Creation

  • Do not include Tokens of any sort in your deck! Game handles this via the engine!
  • Respect deck construction rules or you’ll get an error
  • It’s OK if you forget your Motte & Bailey


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