Feb 14

Fortress of the Stone Giants

Release includes the new cards from set 4 and automates the special setup instructions for a couple of the scenarios.

With the addition of the magical spyglass item, I’ve updated the “look at” functions for location decks.
ctrl+1 = look at top card, ctrl+2 = look at top 2 cards and ctrl+3 = look at top 3 cards.
Holding shift while doing these operations looks at the bottom (1, 2, or 3) cards.

When starting the adventure, load in your saved campaign deck and then load in the new Box-RiseOfTheRunelords-4.o8d file. Finally load in your characters.

Get scanning and enjoy!

Jan 15


There were a lot of changes in OCTGN version and some of these broke parts of the Pathfinder game. I have tried to roll out fixes and workarounds for the known issues but there are still some spurious red warning messages about card position (click hide errors in the chat window). Looking at the top card(s) of a location is pretty slow until the real issue is fixed in OCTGN.

Jan 08

Bug fixes

I’ve had a chance to play through the Hook Mountain Massacre and found a couple of bugs, some related to the recent OCTGN release and some in my code.

  1. I’ve switched over to using my own shuffle routine as the current OCTGN implementation is a bit broken
  2. I’ve updated the way the pile sizes (on locations and the blessing deck) are displayed to work around a timing issue
  3. I’ve updated the save box code to ensure cards in hand (player tabs) are all saved correctly and that the current blessing (if any) is not saved twice!
  4. I’ve implemented the special close conditions for Garrison so you don’t have to manually search through the deck (or pull back the banished weapons and armors)

When playing Here Comes the flood, make sure you drag any rescued allies on to the scenario card. The game will work out if you have won when the blessing deck reaches 0 or the location decks are all empty.

Jan 06

Version release notes

The new release contains a few tweaks required to cope with rule changes imposed by the Hook Mountain Massacre

  1. Basic banes are removed from the game when banished
  2. You are now asked if you want to remove basic boons from the game when banished
  3. When permanently closing a location, any non-villain cards at that location are now banished (triggering points 1 and 2 above). Previously these were simply moved to the box.
  4. The Game engine will automatically move cards from a random location and put them “under” Black Magga at the start of each turn when playing ‘Here Comes the Flood’. The winning conditions are automatically triggered when the blessing deck is empty.
  5. Scenario cards now act as piles, you can drag cards to them (i.e. allies in ‘Here comes the Flood’) or double click to reveal the top card just like a location.

Please note – if you remove cards from the box, make sure you save the box at the end of the scenario. To do this right click on the table and select ‘Save Box’

Dec 23


This is a minor update mainly in preparation for the Hook Mountain Massacre.

When using the table options to reveal a random card (or cards) you now get asked to pick a trait as well as a card type. If you specify a trait (other than “Any”) then only cards with that trait will be chosen.

A handy side effect of this is that you can now find summoned henchman quickly. Let’s say you need to find an Ancient Skeleton, instead of going to the global tab, you can use “Reveal Random Card” with type henchman and trait Skeleton.

There are also a couple of minor bug fixes regarding the end of turn management.

Dec 13

New features in release

There is now a simple way to pass dice onto another player to help them with a check. Simply draw an arrow from your card with the dice on it to the other players card and the dice will move along to arrow. Full details and a few useful short cuts are detailed in the user guide.

I’ve also added a feature to end your turn and pass control to the next player. Simply press ctrl+N to move the turn onto the next character, the order is determined by the order you joined the game in the lobby. You can still use the green “play” arrows on the player tabs if you prefer or if the order you want in the not the order shown on the table. If a character has died, they will be highlighted in red and will be skipped in the turn order.

Dec 04

New fan made scenarios

The new release includes 5 new scenarios written by John Davis (jrd). You can download the image pack here.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of OCTGN to tailor the card pool in the box, these scenarios provide a thematically appropriate set of banes to overcome. To play them you first load in the the correct box deck from the Pathfinder/Fan Made folder, then load in your characters.

Some characters will find these adventures easier than others and there is no guarantee that all characters can complete a scenario. Choose your party with care and let the adventures continue.

Nov 19

Going live …

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is now available to install from the feed

If you haven’t already added the feed into OCTGN the first thing you’ll need to do is to add it, this tells OCTGN where the latest versions of various supported games can be found, including PACG. (If you have already added this feed to OCTGN when installing other games you can skip this stage.)

Within the Game Manager tab there is an “Add game feed” button, press this. You can call the feed anything you like – “OCTGN Unofficial” is as good as anything
The URL you need to enter for the feed name is http://www.myget.org/F/octgngamedirectory/

Once the feed is added, clicking on it will show a list of games you can install.
Click on the Pathfinder icon and then press the install button. That’s it, simple!

You might want to read the user guide and add your own card scans before playing.

Work is in progress


The game engine is currently in Beta testing…..

As things stand, Paizo have asked that no copyright material be distributed as part of this plug-in.
The game engine knows how to automate the scenario setup which saves a lot of tiresome card manipulation however all the proxy cards contain only the name of the card, its type and the set it comes from. All other card text is used under the Paizo community use policy and is based on information already in the public domain (i.e. the character sheets)

Obviously you can refer to your own cards to see the full rules text, or you can scan in your cards and add the images to OCTGN. If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.