Added Wrath chapter 4 (The Midnight Isles)

Hello everyone!

I’ve successfully added the Chapter 4 cards to OCTGN! All of the scenarios should work correctly.

I’ve also fixed the Promo scenario “The Land of the Blind” so that it correctly deals with the Gholdako henchmen. To win the scenario, you have to find all six Gholdakos and set them out on the table anywhere (don’t put them in one of the current card piles!) Then, at the beginning of the next turn, the game will count the Gholdakos on the board and if there are six, you win!

Finally, there are also now decks available for both Ekkie, the promo goblin character, and Arueshalae, the new character found in chapter 3. Arueshalae’s deck is not complete at all, so you’ll need to go into the Deck Editor and add cards to her deck before you actually use her.

Let me know if you see any issues, guys!


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