GIANT UPDATE including Sword of Valor!

Hello all!

Tonight I am adding adventure deck 2 “Sword of Valor” along with several new features. These include a new deck called the Support deck. If you want to keep track of the cards you’ve redeemed, as well as the new Troops mechanic, you’ll want to load the new deck called “Box-Support” the first time you play the game. It will be saved as “Support-saved.o8d” when you save the box. You’ll then want to update it each time you redeem a new card or when you gain a medal on a troop card by adding the corresponding Feat to your Support-saved.o8d deck using the deck editor.

I would give more details but it’s midnight here and I’m very sleepy. I’ll do another post tomorrow with some more info!


7 thoughts on “GIANT UPDATE including Sword of Valor!

  1. After installing the update, I’ve noticed that game is locking. I get this message “[player name] has temporarily locked the game – please try again”. This happens after the player mentioned has tried to close a location but has found the villain. The next player tries to defeat the villain and gets the error message. If the first player takes control of the villain, it can be defeated, but then the other players can’t save their decks afterwards. How can this be resolved?

    • Hi JD!
      Can you tell me which scenario you were playing when this happened? Or if on multiple scenarios, which ones? That way I can try to diagnose what is going wrong. Sorry about that, and I’ll try to get it fixed ASAP!

          • It’s also happened with the Black Fang’s Dungeon scenario. It seems to be a universal problem when a villain is found during the closing of a location.

        • Try again now, everything should work better. The proxy Feat cards should also be less annoying. 🙂

          • I just played RotR 3.1 (them ogres just ain’t right), and the problem persists. The feat cards in the buried pile are also still large.

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