Wrath of the Righteous is live!

Hello all!

I’ve finished scripting Wrath of the Righteous sets B and 1, and they’ve now been pushed live! There are several other updates in this version as well:

-The Skull & Shackles promo scenario from the “Make Right pack”, called “Island of Empty Eyes” now works properly, moving Gholdako henchmen from the blessings discard pile into a random open location when they pop up.

-There is now a d20 in the game! You can add it by right-clicking on a card and choosing it under “Add Dice” or by using the keyboard shortcut “Alt-F10” (and similarly you can remove d20s by hitting “Alt-Shift-F10”)

-Mythic Charges are live as well! These become available when you add a Mythic Path card to your character deck, which¬†will automatically be populated with a number of mythic charges equal to the adventure deck number when you load a scenario. You can then right-click on your Mythic Path card and choose “Add Mythic Charge” or “Remove Mythic Charge” during the game.

-Cohorts are another new addition with this update. Character-based cohorts like Balazar’s eidolon Padrig are automatically loaded and added to your starting hand. Scenario-based cohorts like the Tirabade sisters are dropped onto the board at the start of the scenario, and can be drug into your starting hand from there. ¬†Make sure that each player takes a maximum of one scenario-based cohort, and send the rest of them back to the box! All cohorts are also automatically removed from your character deck during the scenario cleanup step. There’s also a rule in the Wrath rulebook that if a cohort is ever banished during play, they go away forever… I haven’t implemented that because it just doesn’t sound fun to me at all… can you imagine if Padrig got banished forever? Balazar would be utterly destroyed!

-All of the characters which have associated promo cards from the Iconic Heroes miniatures line now start with those cards in their starter decks. For example, Balazar starts with the “Splendiferous Hat”, which is a really cool Ally card. (Yes, a hat that’s an Ally. Who’da thunk it?) Those cards are also available as a deck that you can load into your game, called “Iconic Heroes Promos”. If you don’t want to use these cards, just edit your character deck in the deck editor and stick a card of the same type with the Basic trait in there instead.

I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a ton of fun playing the new Wrath base set!!


2 thoughts on “Wrath of the Righteous is live!

  1. Hi, I’m not seeing cohorts in the Wrath of the Righteous character decks (or even a Cohort heading). I tried a game with Balazar and he didn’t start with Padrig. I do see the cohorts in the card set though. Any ideas what’s wrong? Or do I have to manage them manually?

    Pathfinder version


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