From Hell’s Heart is Live!

Hello everyone!

The final chapter in the swashbuckling Skull and Shackles adventure path is now available to be played on OCTGN! This adventure is the final hurrah for your pirate characters, so make sure to enjoy every second of it!

However, if you want more fun on the high seas, I also added the promo scenario “The Land of the Blind”!  (Access it by choosing “None” for Adventure Path and “None” for Adventure when choosing a scenario) You can play this scenario anytime after you’ve played through chapter 3 of Skull & Shackles.

Oh! I almost forgot, we’ve also figured out and fixed the card size issue, so cards should now show on the board in their correct size/orientation.

Happy (pirate) hunting!


15 thoughts on “From Hell’s Heart is Live!

    • If you’re asking about Role Cards, you’ll want to edit your character’s deck using the Deck Editor and add your role card to your character deck. It should then pop up in place of the standard character card when you load your character.

      Adding pictures to the Role Card is also done through the Deck Editor, by dragging the scanned Role Card image on top of the proxy image (assuming you have an OCTGN paid account. If you don’t it’s much more complicated to do so, and you’ll want to refer to one of the many user guides to do so.)

  1. Ah, so I have to lose my old character card instead of being able to display both. I was hoping there would be an auto-solution to have both cards on screen during gameplay (original for dice+stats / role for expanded passive and active abilities). For example, always having the role card in the deck but hiding it until adventure 4.

    Thank you for the expedient reply.

    • The proxy role cards actually do still display the stats on the back, but my suggestion is to just take your old character card out of your Buried pile and drop it on the board right above your role card.

  2. When a user deck is loaded for the first time, does it subtract the cards in that deck from the active box that has already been loaded in OCTGN?

  3. I can’t thank you enough for the awesome features and thoroughness of your full product! I haven’t gotten to play SaS because I don’t own it yet, but I’m sure that will be great too!

  4. Is there a way to get the class decks sorted by class? I’d like to just add certain class decks to my box. Or how is that being handled? Will the PACG Scenarios be implemented? I bought the PDFs for that and haven’t seen any instructions on how to load that up.

    Thanks 🙂 Do you accept tips?

    • Hi!
      I still have a lot of work to do getting the class decks all in there, but I do plan to make separate decks that you’d load for each of those. I actually have implemented the PACG scenarios up through chapter 4 or so, but again haven’t added them as a deck quite yet. I will see about trying to work on those over the next week or two, and will keep you updated for sure.
      And as far as tips, they’re unnecessary, but I’d of course be happy with Paizo gift cards if you’re serious about that. I do all this because I love the game and it lets my buddies and I keep playing it even though I’m halfway across the country from them.

  5. How do the character add on decks work in terms of progression? do they have various cards at expansion levels B through 6?

    Depending on the implementation I might not be averse to picking them up and creating the decks and accompanying reference files myself.

  6. Character add on decks can be used in different ways.

    1. If you use it with an organized play group you build 1 character from the box and upgrade your character as you progress on the adventure path. If you play officially at your game store you only can support 1 character per character add on pack.
    2. You pick characters from it and play them in the normal Runelords or Skulls and Shackles game.
    and/or (you can couple the boons with option 2 or just add the boons and play another character)
    3. You add the boons to the boxes of either ROTRL or SaS just to give you some new interesting rewards.

    The add on decks have a lot of repeat cards, but include a few unique cards not available in other sets (yet). I own all of them.

  7. On Paizo’s website on page 5 of the guide to PACG organized play it tells you how to build your deck and on page 7 it tells you how upgrades work.

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