Mar 07

From Hell’s Heart is Live!

Hello everyone!

The final chapter in the swashbuckling Skull and Shackles adventure path is now available to be played on OCTGN! This adventure is the final hurrah for your pirate characters, so make sure to enjoy every second of it!

However, if you want more fun on the high seas, I also added the promo scenario “The Land of the Blind”! ¬†(Access it by choosing “None” for Adventure Path and “None” for Adventure when choosing a scenario) You can play this scenario anytime after you’ve played through chapter 3 of Skull & Shackles.

Oh! I almost forgot, we’ve also figured out and fixed the card size issue, so cards should now show on the board in their correct size/orientation.

Happy (pirate) hunting!


Mar 04

The Price of Infamy is live!

Hi all!
You should now have access to Adventure 5: The Price of Infamy. Sorry this one took so long to get out, I’ve had a busy couple months and will continue to have busy months in the near future.

Luckily, I’ve almost got Adventure 6 ready to push live as well, so that should happen in the next week or so.

Also, a recent update to OCTGN has caused all cards to display in an awkward portrait orientation (stretching and shrinking landscape scans). I am working on this issue (it will involve some tweaking that I don’t know how to do as of yet, but I’m learning, I promise!) Hopefully I’ll have this fixed for the Adventure 6 update.