Tempest Rising and some new features!

Hello all!

The third adventure deck of the Skull and Shackles adventure path has been added, and there are some really fun (and really annoying to code) scenarios in this one! Find tons of plunder in The Brine Banshee’s Grave, or earn your place as a true pirate captain by winning The Free Captains’ Regatta!

We’ve also added a few new features to the game, chief among which is the handling of scenario loot when you win a scenario. From now on, when the scenario rewards include Loot cards, these cards will be automatically dropped onto the table after the scenario (provided you fulfilled the win conditions of the scenario, of course!)

Finally, we’ve added several of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Organized Play scenarios to the game, and though you cannot use these in actual Organized Play (online play is NOT sanctioned at this time), they’re still very fun scenarios with a host of special scenario rules, and I highly recommend you check them out! To get access to the scenario text for these, you’ll need to buy a PDF of the scenarios from paizo.com. Here are some handy links: Adventure Card Guild Adventure 1: Lost at Sea, Adventure Card Guild Adventure 2: A Pirate’s Life

Let us know if you find any bugs by posting here, and enjoy the new adventures awaiting your crew!

2 thoughts on “Tempest Rising and some new features!

  1. Hi Tyler and others,

    I’ve noticed that the locations decks of Bizarre Love Triangle aren’t being built correctly if you have more than 3 locations. The first 3 locations get the 3 villains while the other locations only get their normal 9 cards (i.e. they aren’t getting the extra random monster). There was also a similar problem with Toll of the Bell (in deck 2) where 1 zombie henchman was missing from one of the 2 decks (if I recall correctly, I’ve played that one a while ago).

    Also, I think a nice feature to be added would be a ‘win scenario’ button or something like that for those unconventional scenarios where the winning condition doesn’t involve cornering a villain.

    Thanks for making this and keep it up,

    • I think this should be fixed with the most recent update (which I just pushed out). Try it again and let me know if the error is still there.

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