Oct 09

Raiders of the Fever Sea

The new release offers full support for the 2nd adventure for Skull and Shackles.

As well as giving access to the 5 new scenarios, we’ve updated the code to support the favoured card types for Seltyiel and Ranzak

If you create a custom character you can now specify multiple favoured card types and the game will prompt you to choose one of them and ensure a card of that type is in your opening hand.

Oct 01

Update – Added Promo cards, fixed small issues

We are updating today with a few minor fixes, as well as adding the S&S promo cards to the game.
-Fixed an error which was requiring Ships to play Rise of the Runelords scenarios.
-Added Ranzak and Promo decks under the SaS decks folder (Note: Ranzak doesn’t actually have a suggested deck list, so I created one that I thought was appropriate. Feel free to change cards out for other Basic cards).
-Added Ranzak to the Iconics.o8c image package. Please re-download and install that package to make use of Ranzak.