May 13

Sins of the Saviours

The latest release,, gives you access to the Sins of Saviours adventure. If you have your cards to hand, you can now scan them and add them into OCTGN. Many thanks go out to Tyler for his work with data entry for this set.

There were a few departures from the norm in a couple of scenarios in this set.

1. Rimeskull always has 8 locations.┬áSihedron Circle creates 7 Stone Head locations. To show this on the screen I have created a new Stone Head location card. I have seen some problems in testing with the Stone Head locations cards not flipping over for all players when closed. This is an OCTGN bug and something I can’t work around at the moment,

2. The 4th Adventure, Thassilonian Sins, has 3 Villains and needed some special code to cope with the end of game conditions. If you downloaded version or then you may have come across some problems with this quest. I think I’ve fixed those issues in

3. The final Adventure, Into the Runeforge, has a different distribution of locations depending on the number of players. A solo game only uses 2 locations and a 6 player game uses 7.

Sadly there is a bug in the current OCTGN release meaning I can’t compile my game code at the moment. To release it I have manually created the release package by hand and in my local testing it does seem to install correctly, however if you have problems updating to the release let me know.