Apr 09

Update “Awakening Saga”

  • New set block ‘Awakening Saga’ with 4 new sets
  • Support for ‘Psychic Creatures’
  • New ‘Hyperspatial Zone’
  • Support for old game formats TCG, Set17 and Set35
  • English only cards added back into the game
  • Apr 08

    So Be It Now Available

    So Be It is now available in OCTGN.

    If you find any issues, please post them here:

    Apr 01

    Ghost OCTGN

    Ghost Town has now arrived in OCTGN. Try it out!

    Mar 30

    MTG 3.3.1 Game Update – Shadows Over Innistrad

    This update includes Shadows over Innistrad and Duel Decks Blessed vs Cursed. Ā Image packs are in the downloads tab.

    Mar 23

    What Lurks Below is now available on OCTGN

    Hey Boyz, are you ready for the invasion ?
    It begun a long time ago, you didn’t even noticed…

    That’s what genestealer are here for, preparing the field for the Hive, lurking in the shadows !

    Now this one is a hell of a beast, and i bet he’s gonna make some pencil disappear…

    We’re getting closer to the end of the cycle, and more importantly the Necron Lord will soon awake !

    Gonna be a blast, but hey for now it’s “only” the fourth warpack, and i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do !

    My drive, in cas you forgot since the beginning of the month šŸ˜‰

    Cya Boyz !

    Mar 20

    Business First on OCTGN

    The new ser is now rezzed. Disposable HQ was a complete PITA to script, and it’s still might be causing some issues. See below

    • Tech Trader: Manual use
    • Net Chip: Won’t enforce the memory, just don’t host more expensive stuff than you should
    • Corporate Scandal: Won’t prevent the corp from going to 0 Bad Publicity, so make sure you increase it to 1 afterwards.
    • Harvester: won’t enforce the discard down to hand size. Do it manually.
    • New Construction: Rez without cost manually if you have the advancements.
    • Disposable HQ: Should be working, but it might cause issues if encountered in the middle of multi-access in HQ. If the Corp HQ is empty after access, press Ctrl+Q as the runner once and it shOuld recover.
    Mar 13

    Discord Server for Online Play Coordination and Chat

    I have set up a Discord server as a means to coordinate online play as well as just provide a casual place to chat.Ā Discord is a free voice and text chat aimed at gamers (think Teamspeak or Mumble). You can also use it to set up voice chat with individuals, so you can use it for voice interaction with online opponents instead of Skyping.

    Invite Link

    The server isĀ open up to the entire LCG community.

    Feel free also to connect with community members to play other online games.

    Mar 13

    The Forest Moon now available

    The Forest Moon is now available.

    Untested scripts are included for the following cards:
    Unhinged Astromech
    Home One
    Hiding Among Friends
    Dark Counsel
    Jamming Protocol

    Mar 08

    Force of Will TCG Update – The Moonlit Savior

    The Force of Will TCG Game Plugin has been updated to include cards from The Moonlit Savior! Visit the Downloads page for the image pack download link. Ā Special thanks to GrieVelorn for typing out the card data for this set!

    If you find any typos in the card data, or a bug in the gameplay, please let us know! Submit an issue ticket on our GitHub page atĀ https://github.com/GeneralCake/FoWTCGOCTGN , or feel free to submit a Pull Request if there’s any cool features you’d like to add to the source code!

    Mar 01

    Deadly Salvage is now available on OCTGN

    Alright boyz, now we’re talking !

    Orkz in da place !
    Gorzod is here and he’s gonna make you cry, and fear, and feel, and hurts and oh boy am i excited !
    Ok ok let’s calm down…

    On a more serious note, i’m updating conquest to the new octgn API, and there might be some bugs here and there, so feel free to copy paste any error message you get here so i can fix it as quickly as possible !

    Anyway the usual link to my drive, image pack, docs, stuff… you know it !