Jun 18

Game Feed URL change

hey all, the URL to the Game Directory feed is changing to a secure HTTPS protocol. As of July 1st, your game feed for this site will no longer work.

OCTGN may be able to automatically update your feed to the new URLS (as its just a find/replace of http to https), but just in case, its advisable that you add this new feed URL to OCTGN and delete the old one.  You will NOT lose any games you already had installed, as long as you ADD NEW THEN DELETE OLD.



Jun 16

kaijudo Game Update Changelog:

  • Fixed a game-breaking bug in the alignment code (where all your cards would move to your opponent’s side of the board)
  • Weirdly-placed question mark in the shield blast trigger window.
Jun 16


Due to a distinct lack of randomness of the random numbers of images in Mage Wars, the module was not available since yesterday. Now in version 1.1 everything has been renumbered and we’re back in business.

When you game updates you also need to re-download the image packs as everything has changed. Unfortunately your home built decks will no longer work. Sorry about that. The sample decks have been updated though.

Also included in the game file is the new deck builder plugin.



Jun 16

Kaijudo Game Update

Changes to the Game:

  • Updated links in the game’s feed listing to the new website
  • Shield Blast triggers will show you the card text as a reminder, when it asks if you want to trigger it.
  • Cleaned up some typos in the sets

This update was pushed ahead of schedule to address an issue with OCTGN’s new update, which was supposed to move all the installed card images to a different folder.

Jun 16

MTG Game v3.1.8.3 Update

This version was just released to address a big update in OCTGN’s codebase, which changes the way card images are stored in the database.

Changes made to the game:

  • The info links in the MTG games feed listing have been updated to the new website
  • Activate Card Ability now uses the new dialog boxes
  • Removed all instances of the winforms multipleChoice boxes
Jun 15

Deck builder Plugin

Counting spellbook points in Mage Wars can take some time and is error prone. Doing it using the OCTGN Deck Builder is even harder.
To help you with the math, the OCTGN Mage Wars module now features a plugin for the deck builder. Hurry over to the updated Install page and check it out.


Jun 15


As you may have noticed version of the Mage Wars module has just been released.

While most updates are seamless in OCTGN game modules, occasionally something breaks. In this update all beastmaster decks become invalid as the beastmaster wasn’t happy with his assigned GUID.

If you have made a super beastmaster deck and want to use it after the update open the deck file (*.08d) in your favorite text editor and search for the numbers 6473. Then replace with 6472. Save and the deck now works again.

To have the Beastmaster image displayed re-download the core image pack (Follow instructions here)

Jun 13


new version fixes some bugs and changes the way damage prevention cards work

  • Fixed Pop-up window/tollbooth not using Stimhack/Pheromones money
  • If you’re doing damage and your opponent has a damage prevention card, a confirm window will appear and ask if to wait until they decide to use damage effects or not.
    If you press ‘No’, a “ping” will be sent to the opponent to remind them to use their damage prevention effects, similar to how snare and other traps work
    If you press ‘Yes’ you will proceed to do the damage, so make sure you opponent has decided to use their effects or not.
    If your opponent is unresponsive, pinging more than 2 times will give you a chance to abort the damage and try to find out what is happening
Jun 12

Cards Against Humanity v1.0.4.0

Version has been released.

  • A bunch of new cards have been added from “alternate versions” of the base set and expansions, some of them are dumb but some are pretty awesome
  • Fixed a bug where the Card Czar had to manually take control of new Question Cards.
  • updated feed links to the new website.

Also, I added a new “How To Play” page, which is geared towards learning how to use the game definition to play the game.

Jun 12

Card Packaging Rename

The latest OCTGN update has changed the name of o8c Card Packages to “Image Packs”.  This better reflects what the files are designed for, so their purpose is clearer.  The button in the Games Manager has been changed to “Add Image Packs”.

The filename extension will stay as .o8c so that a mass recall on existing files isn’t necessary.