Jul 07

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game on OCTGN


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game for 1-4 players made by Fantasy Flight Games.

The dark shadow creeps across the land, engulfing Middle-earth in harrowing despair. Not a single hero stands a chance against the terrible might of Sauron. Now the time has come for union. Only together can the heroes of Middle-earth hope to prevail in the coming war against the gathering darkness.

This site is the home to the LOTR game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Here you can find updates, release schedules, card packs, installation instructions, and guides to playing the game.

Jul 06

16 more HQ cards added

Take Ya With Me MRPAn addendum to the previous post: I just received 16 more images to add. In order to avoid forcing you to re-download everything (and me uploading 200Mb again), this time I’m providing them in their own file. Just install it after everything else, and it will replace everything that has been upgraded.

Grab the Image Pack for 06/07/2013 here

(Many thanks to OneSidedDie again)

The new pack contains both HQ of images that we didn’t have before, as well as a few MRPs (Most Recent Printings) of HQ cards we had before, but which had been errata’d (Like “Take Ya With Me”)

Jul 04

~72k anonymized games dataset

I recently got a new export out from the slaghund and I’ve prepared an anonymized version for people to crunch. This includes all the game stats but player names have been anonymized but still consistent from game to game.

Unfortunately these stats will contain some dirty stats, such as people doing test games against themselves and so on, but these should be statistically insignificant. However if you see something like a corporation flatlining, you can safely delete the entry.

You can download the export here.

Also worth mentioning is that the Alpha BGG League has ended a few days ago. shobalk and his troupe of magical stat-crunching elves are already preparing the league’s results and if you want, you can also get your hands on them.

Jul 03

Mage Wars

Latest release includes more promo cards, bug fix for the channeling phase and a sneak preview of a new feature (try double clicking on a spell while face-up).

The new promo cards are included in the normal image pack download.

Jul 03


Renegade Squadron MobilizationNew version has been pushed out to fix the renegade squadron mobilization malfunctioning and working only if an opponent’s action made a unit leave play (rather than only when an opponent’s unit left play)

Also added two confirmation dialogues to prevent mistakes. One is if you try to play a Unit or Enhancement outside the deployment phase. The game will ask if you’re sure you’re allowed to play that card out of order.

The other is when you double click a unit participating in the engagement before the strike phase. Until now the game would silently jump to the strike phase, autocalculating the edge in the process. Originally this was though this way to allow for faster play, but I’ve noticed that this rather led to a lot of mistakes by players double clicking a unit in an engagement by mistake, and the game jumping too far forward, confusing them.

Now the game will ask you to confirm you’ve resolved the edge battle if you’re trying to strike outside of the strike phase.

Jul 03

200 more High Quality cards added

With the help of community member OneSidedDie, I’ve now updated the High Quality Image pack with ~200 new images. You’ll have to redownload the whole image pack again to get those I needed to update the existing package (rather than uploading a new file) because I’ve fixed the card Martyr’s Mirror which had the “Martyr’s Cross” image wrongly. So I decided to repackage.

It’s a big download (~170 Mb) but worth it.

I’ve also updated the low quality pack and removed the cards I’ve just put in the high quality pack. You should redownload that if you’re going to use it, or you can just make sure you install it first, so that the low quality images are overwritten afterwards.

Jul 02

Proxy Cards now available!

The Auto-generated proxy  for Blackjack

The Auto-generated proxy for Black Jack

Finally Doomtown now comes with proxy generated images. This means that from version 3.2.3.x onwards you and your friends can jump right in a game as soon as you download the definition, without having to download any card packs at all, which should make it easier to convince someone to try the game, when they don’t have to download 150Mb of files first.

Of course it’s always better to play with actual card art and flavour text, so I’ve also updates the available sets images available for download. I’ve now split the card images into two download bundles, one containing all properly scanned images, called the “High Quality Bundle” and one containing all those crappy, generated ones I lifted from LackeyCCG way back when I first started coding Doomtown on OCTGN 🙂

You should definitely grab the first, but the latter is fairly difficult to read. You can always use the inspect function as always, but if you can live without card art, you can simply keep using the auto-generated proxy images instead, which should be far more legible.

Hopefully in the near future we’ll finally complete scanning all the Doomtown cards and provide it for download.

Until then, enjoy!

Jul 01

AoEB images now available and Core Set uncensored

I’ve just uploaded the Assault on Echo Base censored image pack, and I’ve also updated the core set images to their uncensored versions, since 6 months have passed since release. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page and enjoy!

Jul 01

What Lies Ahead and Trace Amount now uncensored

6 months have passed since the release of the first and second ANR packs, as such we are now providing the card images uncensored. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page.

Jun 29

Assault on Echo Base now automated

Pushed version 2.2.1.x which provides automation for most cards in AoEB

  • Cards not scripted:
    • Col Serra (Only the Edge(1) is scripted)
    • Confronting the Terror
    • Corrupt Official
    • Echo Control Center
    • Knowledge and Defense
  • Cards with tricky scripting:
    • The General’s Imperative – Your reserve won’t be reduced when this objective is damaged. You’ll need to modify it manually
    • Sabotage in the Snow – It won’t autofire. You’ll need to double click it at the appropriate time. Target the cards for quicker results.
    • Turbolaser Battery – Won’t autofire. Double click on it to use it.
    • A Stinging Insult – Will engage only unfocused units
  • Fixed the placement of Edge Cards and Dummy cards to not force zoom out.
  • Double clicking an objective at the start of the game will now select it to put at the bottom of the deck.