Jul 01

AoEB images now available and Core Set uncensored

I’ve just uploaded the Assault on Echo Base censored image pack, and I’ve also updated the core set images to their uncensored versions, since 6 months have passed since release. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page and enjoy!

Jul 01

What Lies Ahead and Trace Amount now uncensored

6 months have passed since the release of the first and second ANR packs, as such we are now providing the card images uncensored. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page.

Jun 29

Assault on Echo Base now automated

Pushed version 2.2.1.x which provides automation for most cards in AoEB

  • Cards not scripted:
    • Col Serra (Only the Edge(1) is scripted)
    • Confronting the Terror
    • Corrupt Official
    • Echo Control Center
    • Knowledge and Defense
  • Cards with tricky scripting:
    • The General’s Imperative – Your reserve won’t be reduced when this objective is damaged. You’ll need to modify it manually
    • Sabotage in the Snow – It won’t autofire. You’ll need to double click it at the appropriate time. Target the cards for quicker results.
    • Turbolaser Battery – Won’t autofire. Double click on it to use it.
    • A Stinging Insult – Will engage only unfocused units
  • Fixed the placement of Edge Cards and Dummy cards to not force zoom out.
  • Double clicking an objective at the start of the game will now select it to put at the bottom of the deck.
Jun 29

The Assault on Echo Base has begun!

Assault on Echo Base Force PackThe new force pack is now available on OCTGN. Once your game automatically updates to v2.2.0.x you will see it in your deck editor.

This version does not include any card automations yet (albeit the default automations for resources and the like will still work). I will provide the automations and the censored card images soon enough, and I’ll also be uploading the uncensored core set since 6 months have passed since release.

Jun 29


New update which improves the call out/shootout/posse forming mechanics and adds a new Default Action which should streamline most basic actions via double clicks

  • Now using a Lowball Pot card to store lowball antes. It should make it clearer when there’s a lowball and what the stakes are.
  • Call Out Process has been improved somewhat. To call out, target the dude you want and then use the Call out action (Ctrl+Shift+C). The controller of the dude can now quickly accept (F5) or reject (ESC) the call out and will be moved accordingly in the latter case.
  • If a call-out is accepted, a shootout breaks out immediately. Use f10 to finish it.
  • Added a “Default Action” for double clicking cards.
    • Double clicking on the Lowball Pot will declare you the winner and take the money. Useful for resolving ties.
    • Double Clicking a Dude, while you have an opposing Dude targeted, will call-out the target dude
    • Double Clicking a Dude which has been called out, will accept the call out
    • Double Clicking a Dude while a shootout is going on, will add them as attacker or defender accordingly.
    • On every other case, the default action will just boot/unboot the card
  • Game will now warn you if you’re trying to do something in a phase you’re not allowed to. You’ll be able to jump to the proper phase from the dialogue.
Jun 26


Added a new version which significantly improves and simplifies the goods attachment mechanics.

  • Now to play a goods, spell or improvement card, you need to have a dude or deed targeted respectively. Otherwise the action will fail.
  • Attached goods will be autoplaced on the target card as soon as you double click on them.
  • To trade goods simply target the target dude and use the “Trade Goods” action in the first dude’s context menu.
  • If you only hold one good, it will be moved immediately.
  • If you trade more than one goods card, you’ll get a multiple choice menu to choose which ones you want to trade.

Also changed the phase changing shortcut to Ctrl + Enter to sync with my other definitions and changed the special font from the chat menu to improve readability.

Jun 25


Version is up and contains more automation of channeling on familiars and conjurations. All variations should be automated. A few code fixes were added too.

Also my partner in crime “sIKE” has done an AMAZING job of entering card data. This builds a platform for more features in the time to come. Right now you can use it in the deck builder to find that card you just can’t remember the name of, but you know it had the word “xxx” in the text. Almost everything can be searched now.

Jun 22

Randomness in Mage Wars

As soon as someone implements dice rolling in a computerized version of a game, someone else is bound to question the validity of the randomness of the rolls. Fortunately there are some people on the internet that take randomness very serious and have created a service via www.random.org that uses static from the atmosphere to generate random numbers (no – Air Wizards do not affect the outcome during play). This service has now been implemented in the Mage Wars OCTGN module version Remember that true randomness also includes clusters of repeating numbers so if you roll a lot of blanks don’t blame me – take it up with the dice gods.

A few other improvement have been added. Dice rolling is generally faster and automated reset of the tokens Ready/used, Deflect & Voltaric Shield are working.

Get busy rolling those dice.

Jun 21

Promos added

Per suggestion of sIKE, the promos have been added to Mage Wars in release

All cards mentioned here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/992092/current-promo-list are included. Images were hard to come by so the quality is not perfect. For a short time the images are included in the update. Just restart OCTGN after the update to have the images installed. Failing that the image pack includes the promo cards too now.

The Deck builder plugin included in the game feed now exports the deck in text format to the clipboard for easy sharing on forums etc. It looks like this:

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Jun 20

Is on the way…

Finally VtES game will work in new OCTGN module.

Hope post it until the end of this month. Sorry for delay.