Jun 12

Welcome to the Game Developer’s Club

This blog is designed as a handy resource for game developers.  It will contain various resource links to make game building a breeze.  Whenever a cool new Python API addition is made, or something in OCTGN’s codebase changes that affects games, we’ll try to post it here.

The goal is to keep all game developers updated on the latest functional updates to OCTGN and provide good resources to make things easier.  An RSS feed can be set up to broadcast these posts directly to your RSS-ready apps/devices.

Jun 10

Netrunner for Beginners – How to Play

Darren Tse from BGG and Youtube has made a series of videos teaching how to play Android:Netrunner. It is very detailed and he is using OCTGN as his platform, so you’re also going to be learning how to use OCTGN as well in the process.

If you’re new to ANR or just curious about it, it’s well worth a look.

Darren Tse now continues to play and record games on Youtube so it’s worth checking his channel and his blog.

Jun 10

Access documentation while in game

The awesome ANR card database site netrunnercard.info has recently added a new section containing a comprehensive list of rules, FAQs and ruling. This is all kinds of awesome by itself, but its existense allows me to add a link to it from within the game itself!

ANR Documentation in OCTGNThis will allow you now to look up particular rules and rulings while you’re playing a game on OCTGN, without having to fish the pdf files in your hard drive and perform searches on them. Not only that, but it includes a compilation of card rulings provided by the game designers, even if they haven’t reached the FAQ yet.

All-in-all, this should hopefully cut down on rules arguments if the crop up and help you focus on playing the game instead.

This new functionality has been added as of version 3.1.10.x

Jun 09


New version adds a lot of bugfixes, some small but necessary features and fixes the placements a bit.

  • Fixed the participate command which was mistakenly put under the table menu. The same command can now also take agents out of missions (in case they are removed via card effects)
  • Prevented Inactive cards from performing a briefing
  • Added “Discard a random card” action, to the hand menu.
  • You can now cancel current mission (in case it was started by mistake)
  • You can now pull out agents from the team with a special table menu action. Simply target the agents you want to pull out and use it.
  • “Fresh Leader” markers will be removed at the debriefing phase.
  • Inactive gear won’t ask you if you want it to participate in missions if you double click it.
  • Fixed King Maul’s Craft.
  • Fixed Setup placement to be a bit more bunched up in the middle.
  • Fixed activating leader placement to pop-into the middle of the table which is a bit more obvious.
  • Fixed Discarding Target Cards
Jun 09

A work in progress – Mage Wars


The day was very productive so the first version of the module is available now. Click on INSTALL and follow the instructions.

Continue reading

Jun 07

New A:NR analysis posted

99th statsHollis has just released the second part of his analysis of the balance on the 99th percentile of A:NR OCTGN users. He actually crunched the Glicko-2 rating of the players in the 40k dataset and set about seeing how the runner-corporation balance sits in matches between high-rated players.

Definitely worth taking a look.

As an aside, I’ve now also created a Statistics page, where I compile links to such interesting articles and also provide the raw data dump for people who want to do further analysis.

Jun 06


New version finally brings working card attachment of gear.

  • Now when you play a card as a gear, you need to have one of your active or inactive agent cards targeted or it will abort.
  • Cards played as gear will be attached to their host card automatically at the right placement
  • When retiring an agent card, all attached gear is also automatically trashed.
  • When activating a agent played as gear, or a gear played as agent, those cards will be automatically discarded.
Jun 06

VS System on OCTGN

vs-logoThe Vs. System Trading card game brings characters and storylines from Marvel, DC Comics and Hellboy universes. This groundbreaking TCG is full of strategy and depth. You can select your favorite characters of all time and build a deck around them to compete with against a friend. The game can be as easy or complex as you like. The open-ended nature of deck construction mean that you can build the most intricate combo-decks or simple, straight forward combat decks. This game really has everything.

This is a game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN).

Please check the header above for download files and for learning to play.

Have Fun

Jun 05

TopTier Gaming League

I just added a link to the currently ongoing TopTier Gaming SW League on the right. Take a look and take part 🙂

Jun 04


Added a quick version to fix some of the issues reported in github

  • Added warning when trying to deploy a unit or enhancement out of phase.
  • Fixed Reconnaisence mission hopefully
  • Fixed Self-Preservation adding force per opposing units
  • Fixed A Dark Time for The Rebellion triggering on opponent’s turn
  • Fixed Error with Jedi Mind Trick and It Binds all Things