Jul 21

New Python API: getSetting() and setSetting()

New python functions have been added to the API, and will be available in the next OCTGN update (3.1.56).  Games now have their own dedicated Game Settings, which can be accessed and edited by the Python scripts.  This allows for greater customization of the gameplay experience for the users.

Some examples of these API functions in use.  The first parameter is the name of the game setting, which should be a string but can be named whatever you wish.

setSetting(“MaleGender”, True)

This example will store a game setting for the player’s gender, representing a boolean value.  I arbitrarily chose male to be the True condition.

male = getSetting(“MaleGender”, True)

getSetting() will return the stored game setting with the “MaleGender” name.  If the setting has not been created yet, it will return the default value instead (the second parameter).

Jul 21

Errata cards added to Mage Wars

Errata for 3 core cards (Hand of Bim-Shala, Temple of Light & Battle Fury) has been incorporated. Cards should be replaced after a OCTGN restart when Mage Wars updates to version

Jul 20

Edge of Darkness image pack uploaded

As always, it’s the censored version for the first 6 months. Grab it while it’s hot! 🙂


Jul 19

We have reached the Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness box coverThe latest Deluxe Expansion for the Star Wars LCG is now available on OCTGN. Restart your clients to immediately download v2.2.4x. which contains it.

Like usual, this initial version has no automation, barring known cards like the Fate Cards, Swindled etc which didn’t need testing.

One exception is Embers of Hope which is also automated, mostly to prevent card draw automations from firing when they shouldn’t. Don’t forget that Embers of Hope only works while it is undamaged 😉

Also, censored card images are not available yet but they will be appearing soon enough.

Jul 18

Second pair of match casts for the ANR Invitational published

Similar to the previous post, the next 2 matchups for the Invitational have been posted. These are the games I played against Alexfrog and also Orange Devil VS Asroybal

Post Game Interview

Post Game Interview


Jul 18

The Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) CCG

The Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) is a collectible card game created by Alderac Entertainment Group. L5R takes place in the fictional empire of Rokugan from the Legend of the Five Rings setting, where several clans and factions vie for domination over the empire.

A major distinctive feature of the game is the importance of the storyline: new fiction pieces advancing the story of Rokugan are published on a weekly basis, in addition to being released with every expansion, and in a quarterly publication, the Imperial Herald. Many of these fiction reflect the result of tournaments, where players use their decks to determine which faction will claim a particular prize within the storyline.

This is a game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Only the Empire Edition is available, but the project is open to anyone who wants to contribute including previous editions and sets.

Jul 18

WHI Active on WordPress Site


Hello everyone, Entropy42 here.  I saw that WHI had become inactive in the OCTGN Games Feed, so I re-added it and got a WordPress site created for it.

You can still download all the card images (Core-Eternal War) from my Dropbox page (for now).

I’m still transitioning this plug in to a new developer, but wasn’t going to let it die in the meantime.  I won’t, however, be uploading Cataclysm.  That set won’t be added until a new developer takes over.  The set is mostly done, but my successor will have to finish it off and cross-check with the released cards.

Jul 18

Check out the Warhammer Invasion Podcast

If you are a fan of WHI, Germans, Canadians, or hedgehogs, you should check out the WInvasion Podcast, hosted by Mallumo and HappyDD.


Jul 17

Update all Game/Set Links

Game devs, please remember to update the Game and Set URLs in your feeds to point to the new wordpress locations for your game, as the forum has been deactivated.  Any games still pointing to download links in the forums won’t work anymore.

Jul 11

2013 Champion Cards – Added!

Restarting OCTGN should make it fetch the new update, the ImagePack for the champion cards can be found here.