Aug 01

Full Bleed IDs and Game Buttons

ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000173.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000143.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000216.FullBleedff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000095.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000094.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000093.FullBleed

Since yesterday, you may have noticed that sometimes the full bleed IDs will appear for you or your opponent. This is something I added in the latest update silently to hopefully catch you all unaware. These are the exact same IDs as normal but they just look cooler. As such I’m not using them constantly but they will appear at random, as a sort of “supercharged” start. They won’t have any gameplay difference though πŸ™‚

eeb4f11c-3bb0-4e84-bc4e-97f51bf2dbdc There’s also a more interesting change, as I’ve recently added buttons to allow you quickly communicate with your opponent. For the moment they are a “Wait! I want to react.” button,which you should use whenever you want to stop your opponent from proceeding. The other is an “Pass / No Reactions” button, which you can use in many situations, but primarily whenever a card’s ability or react is highlighted green, meaning that it’s about to go off. A quick use of the “No Reactions” button will signify you have no interrupts in hand to disrupt it.

92df7072-0613-4e76-9fb0-e1b2b6d46473These buttons will appear on setup, one on each side, and you simply double click them to use them.

Of course the good ole “Pass” announcement also remains and you can still use it with Ctrl+Space.

All credit for the icon design goes to Loganoid from BGG and hopefully we’ll see some more good stuff from them πŸ™‚

Finally, I’ve also added something for all those who get cooties just by thinking about using automations. You can now disable all automations at the same time from the game menu. No need to click 4 times to disable them all.

However, keep in mind that you don’t really need to disable all automations, if all you need is to avoid card abilities firing off on their own. First of all, since the latest update, all reacts/interrupts will give you a react window before they go off. So you’ll always have a chance to ignore them if needed. Second, you can simply turn HARDCORE mode on, which will effectively hide all automations unless you remember to trigger them at the right time. Finally, if you’re really dead set on not using the built-in react windows, not even in HARDCORE, then simply disabling play and triggers automations should disable everything you need, while still keeping the simple phase automations such as advancing the Dial on the balance phase, or clearing your focus and shield tokens on Refresh.

Also please remember to let me know of any bugs or flaws you find, if they haven’t been reported yet. If nobody lets me know, I can’t fix them and you have to suffer through them forever. And we all know where suffering leads to…

As always, enjoy!

Jul 31

The OCTGN Android:Netrunner Beta League is starting.

Image by TuismShobalk has just posted an announcement on BGG that the next League season for A:NR is live now. This one is going to be C&C legal of course and will run from Aug 5 for 1 month. Head over and register for the OCTGN Netrunner League: Beta, or you can do it later.

PS: Make sure you tag your league games as [BGG-L02] exactly this time, you monkeys! Including [the square brackers]!


Jul 31

Cloak & Dagger

bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03041 People have been asking for a way to avoid using Stealth credits for other icebreakers, in order to reserve them for use by Dagger (and other future stealth-credits-only cards I guess). So now I’ve added a new menu in a card’s context menu which will mark a card as being “Reserved for Stealth”.

When a card is marked as such, it will receive a black highlight and from then on, its credits won’t be used for any normal cost reduction. It will only be used by Dagger (For now. It will also be used with card which work like Dagger when they come out in the future.)

And yes, I also fixed the bug where Dagger would use all Cloaks together πŸ™‚

bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03042I’ve also fixed a nasty bug with Escher which allowed the Runner to silently peek at all the unrezzed ICE after jacking out from an Escher run.

Happy silent kills!

Jul 29

Bug Fixin’

Thanks to everyone who’s reported bugs in the latest version, I’ve now pushed version 3.2.2.x and fixed a lot of small issues after C&C went out.

Check the changelog for the nitty-gritty and keep ’em coming πŸ˜‰

Jul 29

Controlling your Creation

C&C went live kinda like this.

C&C went live kinda like this.

Creation & Control is finally rezzed and available on OCTGN! grab the censored image files in the usual place.

After 2 full days of hard work, I’ve finally scripted all the scripts and tweaked all the tweaks and have uploaded the goodness in the feed.You will receive the new set as soon as your restart your OCTGN client.

I’m quite proud of how many things I’ve managed to automate. Including but not limited to

  • Director Haas (Not as easy as it looks. I needed to add code that can treat anything as an agenda if needed)
  • Director Haas pet Project (Her again? yes, I now build a complete server with one card)
  • Howler (When you double click this little fella a lot is going on in the back)
  • Awakening Center (functions pretty much like the Personal Workshop)
  • Escher (Can’t automate it completely, but you should be able to move ICE around after succeeding. It will reverse control back to the corp when you jack out)
  • Exploratory Romp (Just target the card you need before you press F3)
  • Scavenge (Quite proud of how smart this one is. Target a card from your hand, or don’t. It’ll figure out what you want to do)
  • Monolith (This big fella requires that you target your progs before you play it. It will install all of them, so don’t select more than 3.)
  • Feedback Filter (Yeah, I know I’ve automated damage prevention already, but having two different types really messed me up)
  • Omni-Drive (Great, now I really have to treat non-Daemons as daemons as well and restrict credits to hosted cards?. Why can’t FFG keep things simple?)
  • Dagger (This one was easier than I expected. Thank Inti for good scripting infrastructures πŸ™‚ )
  • Same Old Thing (Just try to play it with no event in your heap. πŸ˜‰ )

Because I’ve advanced the way the code works, I also took the opportunity to standardize how cards which install other cards work. This means that Modded and Shipment from Mirrormorph now work as most people intuitively expect them to. Just target the card(s) from your hand and play them. They will install and pay as necessary and it all goes quite fast. No more “You don’t have clicks to use” errors either.

Because of all this interconnectedness you can do something crazy like: Same Old Thing > Modded > Monolith > 3 Progs. To make this combo work, you would need to target the Monolith and the three programs while in your hand and double click Same Old Thing. First Select the Modded (if that’s the only thing in your heap, it won’t even ask) and then select the Monolith. Ta-da! All installed.

bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03054 moddedbc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03036

Unfortunately The Source and Chakana’s agenda slowdown are not scripted yet. I thought I’d better release the thing now before you needy sods start a riot. I will hopefully add the code to make that work soon enough.

Everything else should work splendidly, but of course this was a big update so some bugs are probably still unrezzed. If you find out anything, as always, open a ticket in github.

Fruitful Running!

PS: See if you can find the hidden easter egg. Bonus points if you can do it without looking at the code πŸ˜‰
PPS: Cyber Exodus is now uncensored as well.

Jul 28

Just a little bit longer

Unfortunately this code won't write itself

Unfortunately this code won’t write itself

Hold your sentries! I know you’re chomping at the bit but I’m coding as fast as I can πŸ™‚

C&C is progressing at a normal pace but there’s a lot of cards toΒ  work through. By now I’ve finished the corp and halfway through the runner so hopefully I should be done tomorrow. I would probably be doing an all-nighter if I wasn’t on baby-duty in the morning, but alas, I have to sleep sometime πŸ™‚

And just so you know, Shadowrun Returns has been out for 4 days now and I haven’t even played it!

Jul 27

Steward’s Fear, new FAQ and more custom quests

Version is now live.

Features include

  • The full card text for the Steward’s Fear set (As seen in the Deck Editor and on the proxy cards)
  • Updated card text for the 3 cards errata’d in the new FAQ
  • New custom quest – Chasing the Orc Raiders by Candacis
  • New custom quest – The War of the Last Alliance by mndela
  • Updated oc8 files (both English and Spanish) for the custom quests


Jul 27

A:NR beginner’s tournament

dimsumdarren of Easy Mark fame has decided to run an online A:NR tournament for beginners. If you think this is something you’d like to participate in, go and join now!.

Jul 27

C&C incoming

Director Haas is not impressed.

Director Haas is not impressed.

Hey everyone, I know C&C has been spoiled for a few days now, but I’ve been neck-deep in a huge update for Star Wars and I’ve finished it only yesterday. I’ve already started working on the new sets and even through DIrector Haas and her pet project have been making my life difficult, I believe I’ll be able to complete and upload the new cards by today or tomorrow.

It’s a lot of cards but fortunately the timing rules of A:NR are much simpler and cleaner than SW, so it generally is much faster to create an OCTGN set for it.

Jul 26

Major Update released

As I mentioned before, I was working on a complete scripting overhaul, to address some shortcomings in the way the automations functioned. I’m been working on this non-stop for the past week and I’m glad to say that after 120 revisions (!), I’m finally finished!

The rework of the automation makes it so that card reacts and interrupts do not automatically fire when their trigger is reached, but rather they highlight and put out an announcement that you have an opporunity to use them now. This allows their owner to know what is going on and when (and to also remind them which cards have abilities for offline play) and also gives their opponent a chance to play interrupts that cancel those evens, such as “Over My Dead Body”.

In short, card reacts now work very similar to the way events worked, where you activate them, wait for reacts and then double-click on them to finish their effects.

This becomes somewhat tricky for effects which activate as a card is leaving play, or while striking. I’ve reworked the scripting code, to pause the overall effect while you decide to activate the react or not. So for example, if you’re using a react which triggers after you focus a unit for striking, it will work as follows:

  • You will double-click a unit to strike. The unit is focused and gets the green “trigger ready” highlight
  • If you want to use that ability, simply target any relevant cards and double-click the unit again. The ability will fire
  • Once the ability is done, the unit will continue striking as usual. You don’t have to double-click again.

This works in a similar way for cards which trigger while they’re leaving play, like Leia or Probe Droid. Once an effect tries to make them leave play, they will trigger and highlight. Once you double click to activate those reacts (or ignore their triggers), then the card will continue to its final destination whether that is capure or discard pile.

At any point you do not want to use a React/Interrupt trigger, simply use the action “Ignore Card Trigger” (Ctrl+Z) to ignore. This will either end the highlight, and send the card to its final destination if it has one. The react/interrupt trigger windows will otherwise remain active until a player proceeds to the next phase, so make sure you don’t press Ctrl+Enter until your opponent has used and ignored all their highlighted cards.

Apropos changing phase. The Automations rely on you using the correct phase sequence and moving through them. So make sure you’re using Ctrl+Enter accordingly, especially when finishing your turn. Many card scripts check to see who’s turn it is before firingΒ  (e.g. Council of the Sith) so if you haven’t properly ended your turn after the Force Phase, then these won’t fire. Your opponent will be getting an annoying pop-up anyway so they’ll let you know if you forgot.

This will hopefully bring the game play more in line with the offline gameplay and also prevent those instances of a beneficial react going off when you didn’t want to for some reason.

This update also implements something that tournament goers might appreciate:


Under the game menu, you’ll find an option called “HARDCORE mode ON/OFF”. By turning this on, you signify that your mastery of the force is complete, and you’re ready to play without the training wheels on. Alternatively you may be just masochistic πŸ˜‰

What HARDCORE mode does it disable all highlights and notifications for non-forced Reacts and Interrupts. This means that the game will not inform you when a card like Council of the Sith is ready to trigger. You will have to know the appropriate time and double-click on the card when the time is right. If you do it at the right time, the card will highlight and notify that you’re about to use it, at which point your opponent has a chance to use interrupts as normal.

Keep in mind though, that React and Interrupt triggers are automatically wiped clean after each phase so if you forget one of your reacts, double clicking on the card afterwards will do nothing. This is not a fault of the automations so don’t go complaining to me. If you end up in many situations where you didn’t have a chance to use your reacts, either ask your opponent to play slower and not change the phase so fast, or turn off HARDCORE mode.

For casual or new players, I do not suggest you turn this mode off until you’ve gotten used to how the automations function now. Once you have a few games under your belt with the new system and want to show how bad-ass you are, then feel free to turn HARDCORE on and let us know how it goes.

Keep in mind, that HARDCORE affects only yourself. Your opponent’s cards’ reacts will highlight and announce as normal.

Edge of Darkness Automations

As expected, this latest udpate now enables automations for almost cards in the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. You will see this functioning as soon as you restart your OCTGN client. I’ve also updated and improved some of the automations of existing cards, so you’ll see things like the General’s Imperative automatically adjust your Reserves as it takes or heals Damage and so on.

There’s a new common effect in Edge of Darkness of transferring tokens from one card to another. To use cards with this effect, target both cards that you need to transfer the token to and from. The game will figure out smartly what the source and destination is. If it can’t, it will pop-up a dialogue so that you can help it decide. But you need exactly 2 targets to make this work. Not 1 and not 3.

Another common effect from the game, where you discard or play cards from your hand has also been implemented. To use cards such as Kuat Reinforcements, just target the amount of cards from your hand (shift+click as usual) while you’re paying for an appropriate card and then use Kuat’s ability with Ctrl+Q (double clicking at this point will try to produce resources, so you need to manually use the ability).

To use cards like Jabba the Hutt, just target the card from your hand and double-click Jabba.

Bug Reports

This update is very fresh, and even though I spend dozens of hours debugging it, it’s very likely a lot of bugs slipped through. If you encounter something that doesn’t work as you expect, or if you see any python errors and so on, Please Contact Me and open a bug report in GitHub. Don’t just ignore something that is not a big deal. I want to fix all the small annoyances if they exist or don’t work as expected.

The sooner I know about an issue, the sooner I can fix it.

Other than that, enjoy the new system and let me know what you think about it in the comments πŸ™‚