Aug 09

Lotsa Bug Fixes

Self Preservation Objective2.3.8.x is another update focusing on fixing a lot of small stuff

  • Fixed Moorsh Moraine and Raise the Stakes unopposed bonus stacking
  • Fixed Greedo and Jawa Scavengers not triggering sometimes.
  • Changed the Button art to make more sense thematically 🙂
  • Darth Vader (Sith) will now choose any targeted cards if they exist.
  • Fixed Bounty not triggering on Refresh
  • Fixed Preparation for Battle always triggering if Dial is above 8
  • Fixed Self Preservation giving LS extra force for each committed DS unit, when the DS calculated the force struggle.
  • Fixed Gaffi Stick firing outside of engagement
  • Fixed Asteroid Sanctuary not triggering half the time
  • Fixed Carbonite Transport not targeting correctly.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reporting them on the issue tracker. Y’all are stars!

There is a small chance I introduced regression bugs with my Self Preservation fix. If you see anything not working when it was until now, please let me know ASAP.

Aug 08

Modern Masters Hi-Res

the Modern Masters Hi-Res image pack is now available for download:

Aug 08

First matches from the OCTGN Alpha League Faction tournament

Shobalk had just started posting matchups from the Faction Tournament based on the results of the Alpha League. First few matches are between fellow streamer running_bear and hobb33 (whom I just cannot beat online. 🙁 )

Very exciting and close games follow below. Take a look and follow the thread for more.

Aug 08

Star Wars: The Card Game OCTGN Use Tutorial

I’ve spent a good part of the day creating a new OCTGN Use Tutorial for Star Wars: The Card Game LCG and it’s finally finished uploading. Send this to your friends or other interested parties to give them some preparation if they need it.

If the quality is too low, the video is still being processed by youtube. Check back later to get the full 1080p resolution.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit rough and or messing some things, but it was the second time I recorded the whole thing, because the first time I did it I realized only too late that the recording software had the wrong microphone tapped and thus had not recorded my voice at all. So I had to redo the whole thing all over again and I was both a bit frustrated and my speaking capacity had started to give after 4 hours of constant speaking. All in all, this took me about 6 hours to produce.

The end result is 1 hour long, but I go through everything that is relevant and important. It explains everything from the basic GUI, to how to play cards from hand, to how card triggers interact with each other, to what HARDCORE mode does.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the courage to note down time bookmarks to provide for each section. I may do that later if I get the time, or one of you can note them down while they watch and send me a list if you want 😉


Aug 08

Changes to default cardaction and groupaction

The latest OCTGN update has removed default groupaction functions from triggering while inside a ‘View Cards in Pile’ window.  In addition, groupaction will take priority over cardaction for all piles on the main play window (not including Hand and Table).  This will allow games to have a defaulted groupaction for the pile, and a different defaulted cardaction for the ‘view cards in pile’ window

The right-click (context) menu is now accessible while inside the view pile window as well.

Aug 07


KidnappingNew Version brings automations improving the playing of Solo Ops Missions.

  • To start a solo op, you need to have one of your agents targeted when you play the card. That agent will automatically be set as the attacker.
  • When you double click on a current solo op, you will be prompted to win it
  • While a solo op is ongoing, double clicking on an agent will try to set them to participate (to be used only by your opponent since you have already chosen your attacker)
  • When the attacker wins the solo op, the highlight will be removed and you will gain 1 VP
  • When the defender wins the solo op, the card will be discarded and they will gain 1 VP and draw a card
  • To win a Solo Op as the defender, just target it and Ctrl + W like any other mission
Aug 07

Want to learn Spycraft?

Well you’re in luck, I just finished teaching the game on OCTGN on my good friend Tragic, and used this as an opportunity to record a much needed tutorial video. Given that I taught both the game rules and the gameplay on OCTGN, I decided to split the resulting 2-hour video into two parts for (hopefully) easier consumption

In the future I will hopefully make something more professional, but until then I hope this will do 🙂

PS: Oh and I’ve fixed that bug where your agends wouldn’t unparticipate from missions via the shortcut.

Aug 04

Cards Against Humanity Update

– from the rules insert

the Update introduces the Rando Cardrissian house rule to the game.  To enable Rando (it’s off by default), right-click the table and choose the Rando option in the menu.  Having Rando enabled will add an additional, random answer to the table to choose from.  Rando’s score is tracked by the game.

– Added Rando Cardrissian rule to the game
– Chat log messages are more gender-neutral

Aug 03

Nightmare mode released

Nightmare - Core set

The Core set Nightmare quests have just been released by FFG.

The full card text for these new cards is now available in OCTGN (release The card images will be made available in 6 months time

Aug 01

Full Bleed IDs and Game Buttons

ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000173.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000143.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000216.FullBleedff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000095.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000094.FullBleed ff4fb461-8060-457a-9c16-000000000093.FullBleed

Since yesterday, you may have noticed that sometimes the full bleed IDs will appear for you or your opponent. This is something I added in the latest update silently to hopefully catch you all unaware. These are the exact same IDs as normal but they just look cooler. As such I’m not using them constantly but they will appear at random, as a sort of “supercharged” start. They won’t have any gameplay difference though 🙂

eeb4f11c-3bb0-4e84-bc4e-97f51bf2dbdc There’s also a more interesting change, as I’ve recently added buttons to allow you quickly communicate with your opponent. For the moment they are a “Wait! I want to react.” button,which you should use whenever you want to stop your opponent from proceeding. The other is an “Pass / No Reactions” button, which you can use in many situations, but primarily whenever a card’s ability or react is highlighted green, meaning that it’s about to go off. A quick use of the “No Reactions” button will signify you have no interrupts in hand to disrupt it.

92df7072-0613-4e76-9fb0-e1b2b6d46473These buttons will appear on setup, one on each side, and you simply double click them to use them.

Of course the good ole “Pass” announcement also remains and you can still use it with Ctrl+Space.

All credit for the icon design goes to Loganoid from BGG and hopefully we’ll see some more good stuff from them 🙂

Finally, I’ve also added something for all those who get cooties just by thinking about using automations. You can now disable all automations at the same time from the game menu. No need to click 4 times to disable them all.

However, keep in mind that you don’t really need to disable all automations, if all you need is to avoid card abilities firing off on their own. First of all, since the latest update, all reacts/interrupts will give you a react window before they go off. So you’ll always have a chance to ignore them if needed. Second, you can simply turn HARDCORE mode on, which will effectively hide all automations unless you remember to trigger them at the right time. Finally, if you’re really dead set on not using the built-in react windows, not even in HARDCORE, then simply disabling play and triggers automations should disable everything you need, while still keeping the simple phase automations such as advancing the Dial on the balance phase, or clearing your focus and shield tokens on Refresh.

Also please remember to let me know of any bugs or flaws you find, if they haven’t been reported yet. If nobody lets me know, I can’t fix them and you have to suffer through them forever. And we all know where suffering leads to…

As always, enjoy!