Aug 17

The ANR sound effects project

I quite liked how sound effects turned out in the SW LCG, so I decided to implement them in ANR as well. Head over to BGG if you’d like to help.

Aug 16

Game with sounds

I just managed toΒ  quickly squeeze in a game to show the new sounds implementation in action. You can check it out below

Let me know what you think in the comments

Aug 16

Listen to this

The latest update brings with it something new and exciting: Sound Effects! Now whenever you do any of many things, an appropriate sound will play from your sound system which I hope will add to the thematic feeling of the game.

For the moment, most of the sounds will fire on one of the following: Participate in Battle, Strike with a Unit, Play a unit from your hand or Destroy one of your own units or objectives. There’s a lot of variation for striking and participating units, to the point that I have added around 70 different sound effects which will give a nice variation of sounds for each unit type or specific trait.

Many unique units on the other hand, have gotten some of their quotes from the movies to use when they enter play, participate in an engagement, or strike.

All in all, this is about 100 different sound effects to be used all around the game, something which I hope will improve the experience of playing online, in a way you cannot achieve IRL.

There’s only one catch: In order to be able to play the sounds, you will need to be an OCTGN subscriber as the specific API which I’m using is restricted in this way. However since sounds are a completely optional and non-essential component, I think this is fine. Consider sounds a reword for helping make OCTGN a better software for everyone.

And if you are a subscriber but you find the sounds distracting, you can now also find an option in the Game menu which will allow you to switch all sounds off permanently.

In the next few days, I hope I’ll have a chance to stream a few games which will display how the new sounds sound like in the game, until then, if you’re a subscriber, try them out, let me know what you think and if you have access to more similar sounds and want to make a suggestion for more, feel free to let me know πŸ˜‰

Aug 16

New WHI OCTGN Developer Found

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have transferred development of this plug-in to Selverin, so you can all give thanks to him that this plug-in is still alive and being updated. Β I still have admin access to this site and a couple of the other OCTGN things, in case there are issues, but I am not doing development/releases, and soon will stop hosting the files out of my Dropbox.

Aug 14

Leagues, Randomness and Annoyances

Not as annoying as my MOTDs

Not as annoying as my MOTDs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately that there’s far less annoying pop-ups appearing when you start the game or while you play. This is because I have now coded the game to only display such pop-ups only once, in the case you haven’t seen them before, not just in the current session, but in general.

For most of you, this means that you no longer have to press “OK” when you start your setup, unless there’s a new Message of the Day waiting for your attention. So don’t immediately dismiss the MOTD window when it appears now, read it because it will only appear once πŸ˜‰

Another thing that was added is confirmation of league or tournament games based on the known running events. This works by checking if one of known league or tournament tags (e.g. “[BGG-L01]”) exist in your game name. If it finds it, then it will announce that this is going to be recorded as a league game. If you don’t see such a notification after setup, it means the game hasn’t recognised your match for a league. No worries, you can manually set this through the Game > (Un)Set as League match menu option. Simply select the League your match will belong and it will recorded accordingly in the stats.

In the same vein, if you hosted a league match but your opponent is not participating or you changed your mind, you can simply use the same option to set the game as a casual match, and it will be excluded from the aggregated league results.

A little AI makes sure to shuffle your HQ to maximize the chance an agenda will be picked. Unless your OCTGN is 'db0' of course.

A little AI makes sure to shuffle your HQ to maximize the chance an agenda will be picked. Unless your OCTGN alias is ‘db0’ of course.

Finally, one new change you’ll notice is that, as corp, your hand will now be shuffled just before each HQ access. This serves no functional difference but to serve as a sort of “placebo” for those who see patterns where none exist. Specifically I’m referring to the somewhat common impression many have that cards on the rightmost position of your hand tend to be picked more during HQ accesses.

If you’re under this impression yourself, I just ran a simulation of 500 random hand pulls and noted how many times each position was picked:

  • First run: [92, 106, 107, 111, 84]
  • Second Run: [126, 89, 90, 92, 103]
  • With 8 cards in hand: [59, 65, 63, 56, 64, 64, 68, 61]

OK, maybe it’s only a problem in actual multiplayer. Let’s try it in online

  • Corp: [102, 110, 85, 107, 96]
  • Runner: [98, 97, 100, 103, 102]

As you can see, the results are quite random over a significant range.

So why did I add the HQ randomizing? Well people keep seeing this pattern and as long as it happens, people are just going to keep bringing it up, so I felt like a harmless extra randomization should nip this in the bud, and look more authentic πŸ™‚

There’s also a more subtle change about HQ accesses. Due to the way OCTGN works, there’s a small delay when a new card appears on the table, as your client fetches the card details from the server. This can sometimes take seconds. So what happened is that when the runner accessed a new card from HQ, it would have a slow but noticeable delay while it was fetching the card properties, whereas if the runner was grabbing a card they had seen before in HQ or R&D, they knew it was the same card.

Knowing how many of these nasties the Corp is holding is really important.

Knowing how many of these nasties the Corp is holding is really important.

This allowed a smart runner to tell if the corp was holding two copies of the same card, or if they were unlucky enough to be seeing the same card all the time. May not seem like much but in Netrunner information like this can be very, very valuable. It makes a difference for example if one can tell if the corp is holding 1 or 2 Scorched Earths, to give just the most obvious example.

I tried to combat in this in the past, but it seems it was still quite obvious, so what I’ve done now is introduce a very hard pause effect before every access (your OCTGN will appear literally frozen) for 1 second. Because these delays are concurrent, it seems that in my tests, this is enough to mask whether an accessed card is new or seen-before.

Of course if you notice you can still see a difference, let me know and I’ll try to tweak the delay to hide it better.

Aug 13

Yet another big batch of bugfixes

I played about 4 hours of SW:tCG today and I found good amount of bugs, such as Leia unfocusing the opponent’s units, or Renegade Squadron Mobilization working for its owner’s units (why are you people not reporting these?!) and I just had to deal with them. In the course I fixed a good bunch of other stuff which I’m sure were annoying to many others as well.

  • Returning Units to hand will now discard their enhancements.
  • Jabba’s Orders now has a proper react trigger that simply announces its effect. You need to the rest manually
  • Greedo will only trigger when participating now.
  • Deploy the Fleet will now get damaged when used.
  • Deploy the Fleet can now spawn more than 1 reduction effect.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now spawn further up and stack for visibility.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now inform about their purpose once per player.
  • Leia will now clear player’s focus tokens rather than opponent’s.
  • Leia will now properly clear all focus tokens.
  • Fleeing the empire will now autoselect targeted cards.
  • Renegade Squadron Mobilization will now trigger correctly only at opponent’s units leaving the table.
  • Edge Card placements will now reset properly.
  • Tatooine Crash will capture automatically at itself, without asking.
  • Changed Yoda’s and Rogue Three’s icons to be more generically named

Oh and btw, I’m don’t know if you noticed, but you must be getting far less annoying pop-up windows anymore. Now I save a setting if you’ve seen them once, so I don’t have to bother you again with them. MOTD is a special case as it will appear again when it changes.

  • HARDCORE mode setting will now be retained between sessions.
  • The information window about triggers will only appear once per player.
  • Each new MOTD will appear once per player.
  • Added keyborad shortcuts reference card to the documents menu.

Finally, if you’re interested to seeing the two games I played today (which I thought were pretty interesting), you can find them embedded below. They were played against a fellow Greek, so we were using voice chat to play faster. Feel free to mute them if it’s too distracting when you cannot understand it.

Aug 13

C&C Runners are Dominating

Oh dear, the stats don’t look good. After reaching a 50% average balance, the runners are now running roughshod over the hapless corporations. AlexFrog has some interesting points to make about this sudden change and I’m inclined to agree. Whereas runners got great new toys all over the board, all corporations other than HB got very little they can consistently use.

Let’s hope this unbalanced spike flattens out a little once corps figure out how to adjust.

Aug 12

Mage Wars League started

You can find information about the league and register here:

If you are looking for a list of MW players in Octgn have a look into this:
Aug 10

Shootout process improved

Due to the latest changes in the way that default actions for pile views behave, I was now able to implement something that should make shootouts proceed faster. From v3.2.5 onwards, you can now double click on a card while looking in the Draw Hand and the game will automatically discard it. If however you’ve targeted that card with shift-click, then double-clicking the card will also discard all other cards you’ve targeted in your draw hand and re-draw the same amount of cards from your deck.

This way you can quickly perform the draw bullet part of the shootout in a few clicks instead of having to drag each card to the discard pile and draw again. Simply target the cards you want to re-draw in ytour draw hand with shift+click and double click one of them, then simply double click (or press del) each card you want to discard until you go down to 5 cards and you’re ready to reveal.

Aug 10

Hotkeys & Shortcuts Reference sheet

You’ve asked and we delivered. The game shortcuts are now available in an easy to access/print image which you can refer to if it makes your life easier. You can see the same shortcuts by right-clicking as well, but some people prefer to have them all available at the same place.

I’ve also put a reference for how the game’s Smart Actions work, so that you don’t get confused when double-clicking on a card didn’t do exactly what you were expecting.

Click the Images for larger size.

OCTGN SW LCG HotkeysOCTGN SW LCG Smart Actions

PS: If anyone wants to improve upon this and send me a better version, you can find the source at this link.