Jul 01

MTG New Image Packs Available

Hi-Res image packs are now available in the downloads page for the following sets:

  • Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora
  • Dragons Of Tarkir
  • Commander 2014
  • Theros Challenge Decks
  • From The Vault Annihilation
Jun 30

GIANT UPDATE including Sword of Valor!

Hello all!

Tonight I am adding adventure deck 2 “Sword of Valor” along with several new features. These include a new deck called the Support deck. If you want to keep track of the cards you’ve redeemed, as well as the new Troops mechanic, you’ll want to load the new deck called “Box-Support” the first time you play the game. It will be saved as “Support-saved.o8d” when you save the box. You’ll then want to update it each time you redeem a new card or when you gain a medal on a troop card by adding the corresponding Feat to your Support-saved.o8d deck using the deck editor.

I would give more details but it’s midnight here and I’m very sleepy. I’ll do another post tomorrow with some more info!


Jun 28

Forums are up

A message board has been set up to handle bug reports and facilitate game discussion and tournaments. Be sure to register if you are interested in the game or ongoing development of the plugin.
Duel Masters OCTGN Forums

If you wish to contribute to the project, the source code of the plugin can be accessed here:
Github Repository

Also, work is in progress for upcoming release of Phoenix Saga set block. Stay tuned for further updates!

Jun 27

Attack Run

Attack Run has been added to the game definition. Pilots should attach, and any previously scripted cards should work, but no new cards have been automated yet.

Jun 21


  • A large number of card effects were automated to facilitate gameplay.
  • Various errors in the set data were corrected
  • Some missing cards like Dark Hydra added
Jun 21

Update – Base Game (2)

The rest of the heroes, villains, and environments from the Sentinels of the Multiverse Base Game have been added to the game!

Jun 19

Duel Masters OCG released

This is the Japanese version of the Duel Masters plugin for OCTGN. The initial release contains all cards till Set-17 including Promos and DMC packs. To play, simply install ‘Duel Masters OCG’ from the game feed.

Jun 16

An Introduction to Sentinels of the Multiverse

sentinelsHey there, fellow OCTGN users. This is a post commemorating the first available version of Sentinels of the Multiverse (or Sentinels/SotM for short)! Sentinels is a fixed-deck, cooperative card game released by Greater Than Games. The game is comic-book themed, taking place in the world of Sentinel Comics, where heroes and villains from all walks of life come together to wage epic battles across the multiverse!

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a multiplayer game, needing a minimum of 2 players to be playable. I recommend playing with at least 3 players (for reasons that will become obvious once a game gets rolling), but the game is set to be played with a maximum of 5 players. The rules are included both in a section of the game’s OCTGN website and in OCTGN’s Game Database once the game has been downloaded (though there are several other places where the rulebook is available). I’d go on about the rest of Sentinel’s rules and content, but it’s perhaps easiest to dive straight into the game yourself and look around rather than having me write everything here.

The game is definitely in its infancy on OCTGN, but I look forward to making it expand and advance. With that, I bid you go forth – the world of Sentinel Comics awaits!

Jun 08 – I think I have it coming my way now!

This release includes fixes for:

  • When you prepare Wall cards, currently they land in a different location than the non-Wall cards that are prepared which is a give away, this is now fixed
  • Vine Markers – man I have gone through three releases now working on these guys. I think I got it all working properly now, with a small bonus! The Vine Marker is now placed on the board where ever your pointer is at that time, note if you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F1 it will create the marker at the center of the table. I also cleaned up the wording when you flip the marker over to its Black Vine Marker side
  • The prompt at game start will only appear once now, had a zero in the wrong place
  • Three new markers from the Mage Wars Arena release have been added and automated: Banish, Rage, and Wrath
  • Bloodfire Helmet is now implemented in the Battle Calculator
  • Wildfire Imps burn ability is now implemented in the Battle Calculator
  • Vampirism is working again and the prompt and chat text have been updated
Jun 05

Wrath of the Righteous is live!

Hello all!

I’ve finished scripting Wrath of the Righteous sets B and 1, and they’ve now been pushed live! There are several other updates in this version as well:

-The Skull & Shackles promo scenario from the “Make Right pack”, called “Island of Empty Eyes” now works properly, moving Gholdako henchmen from the blessings discard pile into a random open location when they pop up.

-There is now a d20 in the game! You can add it by right-clicking on a card and choosing it under “Add Dice” or by using the keyboard shortcut “Alt-F10” (and similarly you can remove d20s by hitting “Alt-Shift-F10”)

-Mythic Charges are live as well! These become available when you add a Mythic Path card to your character deck, which will automatically be populated with a number of mythic charges equal to the adventure deck number when you load a scenario. You can then right-click on your Mythic Path card and choose “Add Mythic Charge” or “Remove Mythic Charge” during the game.

-Cohorts are another new addition with this update. Character-based cohorts like Balazar’s eidolon Padrig are automatically loaded and added to your starting hand. Scenario-based cohorts like the Tirabade sisters are dropped onto the board at the start of the scenario, and can be drug into your starting hand from there.  Make sure that each player takes a maximum of one scenario-based cohort, and send the rest of them back to the box! All cohorts are also automatically removed from your character deck during the scenario cleanup step. There’s also a rule in the Wrath rulebook that if a cohort is ever banished during play, they go away forever… I haven’t implemented that because it just doesn’t sound fun to me at all… can you imagine if Padrig got banished forever? Balazar would be utterly destroyed!

-All of the characters which have associated promo cards from the Iconic Heroes miniatures line now start with those cards in their starter decks. For example, Balazar starts with the “Splendiferous Hat”, which is a really cool Ally card. (Yes, a hat that’s an Ally. Who’da thunk it?) Those cards are also available as a deck that you can load into your game, called “Iconic Heroes Promos”. If you don’t want to use these cards, just edit your character deck in the deck editor and stick a card of the same type with the Basic trait in there instead.

I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a ton of fun playing the new Wrath base set!!