Jul 19

Phoenix Saga Release

Added the Phoenix Saga set block to the plugin. In addition, all year 5 promos and cards till DMC-35 have been added. This block consists of the following sets: (Set 18 is skipped due to being a reprint set)

DM-19: Spectacle Nova
DM-20: The Ultimate Nova
DM-21: History of Devil Nova
DM-22: The Dragonic Nova
DM-23: The End of the Universe

As the name suggests, this block contains a large number of Phoenix cards with corresponding support. Also, a large number of new races have been introduced. Particularly, shared Races among multiple civilizations. The focus is on race-based strategies.

Latest image pack consisting of all cards in the plugin is now available.

Jul 10


  • ‘Saver’ functionality added (by Zerovash)
  • Mass destruction spells like blizzard, day work correctly
  • Death Smoke, Chaser, Clutch etc now target correctly
  • Manaburn effects added
  • ‘Soft Reset’ Feature
  • Various fixes
Jul 08

How to play Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN

Swider and mplain have created a new video, which can be a considered a tutorial to using OCTGN to play Doomtown:Reloaded with the common netiquette and tips & tricks to use it efficiently. Find it on Twitch below


Thanks guys!

Jul 08


  • Strike Back implemented, various automations added (thanks to Zerovash)
  • Metamorph and gear removal implemented (credits to mighty)
  • Various set data and image fixes

Image Pack fix with 3 missing cards

Jul 08

MTG 3.1.20 Game Update — Magic Origins

Magic Origins has been included in the most recent update.  See the in-game popup for the full change log.  The Magic Origins low-res image pack is also available in the image downloads page.

Jul 07

The Freedom Five have arrived!

Freedom FiveHere are the heroes of the Base Game (1) Set (in glorious 300 dpi resolution!). Their cards – along with the cards of the two Villain decks and two Environment decks in the set – have finally been compiled into a Card Package ready for use on OCTGN. Download the game and the card package to start experiencing the world of Sentinel Comics!

Jul 07

Update – Card Backs

Individual card backs have now been added for the Heroes, Villains, and Environments in the Base Game (1) Set.

Jul 04

The Wastes of Eriador

The first adventure pack from the Angmar Awakened cycle has been released! Join Amarthiúl as you race across the Eriador Wilds in pursuit of the captured ranger Iârion. During the journey, you’ll be hunted by Wargs at night, so you’d best make as much progress as possible during the day.

The Spanish Image packs for the Ring-maker Cycle are now available as well.

Jul 03

The Underway is rezzed

pic2453763The latest and greatest Android:Netrunner expansion is once more available for play on OCTGN! It had quite a bit of weird interactions, so it took me a while to write the necessary custom cost.

Check below for trickier scripts

  • Armand “Geist” Walker: Manual use similar to Exile
  • Drive By: Expose manual as always (wait for Corp). After an expose, either the corp can trash, or you can trash by double-clicking Drive By
  • Test Ground will derez all targeted cards. Make sure you target as many as you have tokens the relevant ones
  • Allele Repression: You can target the cards in HQ before you use it to speed up the process.
  • Marcus Batty: Manually use the subroutine is Psi succeeds


PS:Yeah, I couldn’t think of a interesing way to inset “octgn” in the title this time 🙂


Jul 02

There’s No Turning Back from OCTGN!

No Turning Back box artNo Turning Back has now been unleashed and available for online play! As always almost all cards are scripted, but look below what to watch out for.

  • J.W. Byrne: Add Markers manually
  • Antheia Pansofia: Not Scripted
  • Huntsmen’s Society: Put or remove +1 Prod on relevant dudes manually
  • Asyncoil Gun: Only makes the pull. Discard manually.
  • Scoop Hound: Simply announces
  • Rapier: Track manually
  • Vitality Tonic: Only makes the pull. Unboot Manually.
  • No Turning Back: Not scripted