Sep 05 and right behind it have been released!

Sorry it has been a bit busy on my side of things and I didn’t make the typical announcement about the release, and just back from vacation Schwenkgott and he has already found a bug that I wanted to quickly fix, so following right on its heals is the  release that fixes that little problem.

A little back story on why there was a release in the first place. With this weeks OCTGN update a long requested enhancement of mine and ACG’s was delivered. The update in question was to add in better support for game boards to OCTGN. Specifically two issues were fixed, the first is networking board changes. Up to this release, spectators always saw the standard Westlock 4×3 board regardless of what board was in play. This is now fixed, when a different board is “selected” this change is “networked” to all players and spectators. The second improvement has added support for multiple board sizes and associated shapes. This means that “zone detection” has now implemented for all boards.

With this new feature, we have been able to finish up a long planed overhaul of game setup and provide a path to support more features like Academy in the same game module. When a game is started, the Game Host, i.e. the person who started the game(typically), will be prompted to select an Arena or Domination match and then based upon that choice, will be presented with a choice of boards to select. After that you will go through the same set of questions as before: choose your Mages color and the winner of the winner of the initiative roll selects who goes first. The game is now setup and ready for you to load your Spellbooks.

Notice that the Game Host no longer is prompted to select where the Roll Dice Area is placed. While fixing Schwenkgott’s  issue, I snuck this cool little feature into the release. This selection has been moved into the Game Options menu. You can right click on the Table and select “Game Options” to set your preference, with the default being to the side of the Game Board. Remember this selection is used when you are the Game Host.

One other item to mention, is if you want what has always been the start of the game for you: just the plain Jane Westlock 4×3 board a it is still possible to have that. Once again it is a “Game Option”, right click on the Table and select “Game Options” from the context menu. Click on the Green “Prompt for Game Selection and Board” menu item, it will turn to the Red “Standard Arena Gameboard Enabled”, and with your next game you will only have 2 questions to answer: Mage Color and who goes first.

Aug 30

MTG 3.1.21 Game Update

Tempest Remastered, From the Vault: Angels, and Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi are now available with image packs.

Aug 20

The Great Devourer is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz ! How were your vacations ?
Mine were great, so great i didn’t pay attention to the time running and running…
But here it is, finally the tyranids will rage upon the stars !
I added a new “Synapse” section in the deckbuilder, i guess you know what to do with it 😉
Also now when you creates multiple tokens, they don’t pile up like before but instead are created in a line so it’s easier to move them as a group 😉

Can’t wait for the new cycle, the changes in the meta, and of course the actual Great Devourer reel box !

This is gonna be great !

Cya Boyz !

ps : The image pack is released, as usual on my drive, also I uncensored the 4 first warpacks of the warlord cycle since it’s been more than 6 month.

Aug 19

New Tokens

So I had a thought last night, and decided it might be a cool idea to add some new tokens that could act as counters for Willpower, Attack, Defense, and Threat (I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, lol). Check it out!



Feel free to use these however you see fit. Use ’em as +1 Counters, or to simply show the full value of the boosted stat, as shown in the example above. It’s also really handy to show what the value of X is at any given point. However, keep in mind that if you add 5 or more different types of counters on a card, the extra ones won’t show their quantities since it won’t physically fit on the card, lol. You can add/remove these tokens by using the right-click menu on a card, under Add or Subtract a token submenu, or by using the following keyboard shortcuts:



And finally, I’ve been receiving questions lately about how to remove all the custom cards from the Deckbuilder so that it’s easier to build your player decks. Well, here’s a really simple tip that’ll do the trick. Add an Encounter Set filter, select “Equals” from the drop-down menu, and leave the text box blank. That will filter out ALL Encounter cards, and it will filter out ALL custom cards (both player & encounter cards).



Now you’ll be left with only the official player cards with which to build your deck. Enjoy!

Aug 17

Demon’s Heresy added, bugs fixed!

Hi all!

I’ve added Wrath deck 3, Demon’s Heresy!

I also fixed a bunch of bugs and made some of deck 2’s scenarios that were not working correctly (hopefully) work correctly!

If you have questions, please feel free to comment here or email me at


Aug 16

Big update!

This latest update brings with it a wealth of new content for all of you! GenCon has come and gone, and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. First off, you can now try your hand at a prison break with the new Escape from Mount Gram scenario. The setup for this scenario is rather unique, due to the fact that you must build a “Capture Deck” by taking select cards out of your main deck. I’ve managed to write a function that can do it for you. After loading up your Player deck, move all the cards from your hand back onto your deck, then right-click the deck, and you’ll find a new menu item called “Quest Specific Actions”. As you’ll probably surmise, I intend to put new functions in this menu group that only apply to one or two specific quests. So, here’s where you’ll find the command to create your Capture Deck, which will then place all Allies, Mount Attachments and Item Attachments into your secondary player deck.


CaptureDeckFurthermore, since this scenario introduces new keywords and mechanics, I thought it might be nice to include card-sized versions of the rulesheet insert. That way, you have a reference to the scenario’s rules right there on the table. Though keep in mind that these new cards will be blank (just like the other cards) until the Image Pack is released in 6 months. However, I am considering creating and adding these Rulesheet Cards to all the other existing quests in the game. You can check out these cards for yourself over here on BGG. Let me know if you guys would like these cards to show up in OCTGN as well!

Next up, we’ve got support for the juicy GenCon releases if you were lucky enough to get your hands on them! The Land of Shadow is now up and running, complete with regular, easy, campaign-regular, & campaign-easy versions of all three quests. Join Frodo as he treks ever-closer to Mordor. I’ve included a Rulesheet card for the first quest, The Passage of the Marshes, as that includes new rules for the Mire keywood. The remaining two quests don’t have any quest-specific rules, so I opted not to make any cards for them.

GenCon also brought with it a brand new PoD quest entitled The Ruins of Belegost. Search these ruins for ancient artifacts while taking care not to draw the attention of an ancient nasty dragon who’s hot on your trail. This is an awesome quest that I haven’t yet managed to succeed at yet, but I will keep trying!

And finally, this latest PoD introduced the second official Alternate-Art card: Gimli! He’s got a slightly updated card template that I’m much more fond of over the Alt Aragorn we got last year. So much so that I took the trouble to update all my custom Alternate Art cards with this new look! Be sure to download the Alternate-Art Image Pack today to get access to these new cards!

Aug 14

Oh my!

10 9-5 9-6

Guess what is getting rezzed…

That’s right, everything is getting rezzed!

Old Holywood, Universe of Tomorrow AND Data and Destiny have all been coded and released into the OCTGN wilds!

Due to the amount of cards scripted, I thought it’s be easier to create a spreadsheet to keep track of what is not fully automated. I plan to expand this and go back and fill in previous expansions, but that will have to wait a bit more.

One thing missing is that the card proxies for the mini-factions are based on neutral cards (and the IDs are based on the existing factions), since I don’t have any templates for them. If anyone can step in to create them, I’d appreciate it.

For now, enjoy this epic code dump! Go forth and consume, liberate, or link up!

Aug 14

Domination is Here! Release has it all!

With todays release, Mage Wars Battlegrounds: Domination is now ready for play. Once you have the game start and get through the new and improved setup process, right click on the Table and select Load Map.

Numerous bug and Battle Calculator enhancements have been included. Along with the Dicetower promo’s!

Have fun, now go Dominate the Arena! But first you will need to update your card art!

Aug 04

The Mark of Madness is Here!!

Call of Cthulhu has been uploaded.

This version contains the card information for the latest Deluxe Expansion “The Mark of Madness”.


– tdnordine

Aug 04

Problems Generating Proxy Images?

My computer recently applied several new Updates from Microsoft, and one of these (I’m not sure which one yet) caused some problems with Fonts in the Call of Cthulhu Plugin running on Windows 7.

If you are experiencing this issue, please go to Microsoft KB3065979 for a patch that seems to resolve the issue.

– tdnordine