Jul 10

M15 Prerelease Seeded Pack Contents

As many of you may be aware, OCTGN’s sealed deck builder utilizes the seeded booster packs found in pre-release boxes.  In order to provide the most accurate booster packs, I have to collect the contents of the packs from first-hand reports during the pre-release events.  This is not an easy task, as there are 40 different packs and they are all randomly-distributed across the boxes.

Where can you come in? I HIGHLY encourage everybody to attend a pre-release event at their local game store.  Not only will you be supporting your local business and this great game we play, but you can also assist me in compiling the seeded booster lists.  When you open your packs, I ask that you record the contents (and order) of all of the cards inside the seeded booster (the one in the clear packaging, with the promo in it).  Writing them down will suffice, but a photograph will be even better.  If you can get lists from other players at the event as well, that would be FANTASTIC!

To submit your lists, follow the Reddit or MTGSalvation links found in the document here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Apln2HM4aSGbdDJ6MFk5cTBjb09sXzFWdndhTkx2V1E#gid=6.  If you’re not a user of any of those sites, you can also submit them in the comments section here.

I appreciate the help!

Jan 15

OCTGN Born of the Gods Pre-Release Event

Enjoyed the Born of the Gods Pre-release events? Relive it on OCTGN! Starting the Monday following the pre-release until the end of Launch weekend, I will be running this casual Sealed event featuring the Born of the Gods pre-release packs.  The event will be organized at the ChallengeBoards link here: http://www.challengeboards.net/boards/details/1075.
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Dec 18

MTG Game Update

this update finally brings the Theros PreRelease packs to the sealed editor.  It also upgrades the alignment functionality, allowing manually-dragged cards to skip alignment and become anchored to the table.  Finally, I started added debug functions to various parts of the game, allowing us to narrow down potential points where heavy lag may occur.  You can enable the debug messages in the ‘Autoscript Settings’ submenu.