MTG Game Definition Changelog

Oops, I forgot to post the change log for

  • Added ‘Scry’ Library action (CTRL+SHIFT+C), which lets you scry a specified number of cards on top of your library.
  • Added a catch to prevent a few illegal attachment pairings.
  • Bestow creatures will now auto-attach like auras if you target something while casting them.
  • Behind the scenes changes to askChoice dialog windows, and the Stack alignment.
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug involving the attachments script.
  • Initial support for Monstrosity abilities.
  • Added marker images for Monstrous, Morph and Choice autoscript indicators.
  • Fixed activated model abilities asking to choose an ability twice.
  • Fixed a bug where casting an aura with a target would align the aura behind the target, instead of on the stack.

A quick note about the scry function, currently it only shows the names of the cards to scry.  Limitations in the engine prevent it from showing the card’s image, so a bit of memory work is required to identify the correct buttons.  Also, it’s set up to toggle between TOP of deck, and BOTTOM of deck.  Clicking a card name will put the card in the top or bottom.  Once all cards have been selected, it will reorganize the cards as specified.  Cancelling out of the window at any time will end the scry without moving any of the cards.